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Happy Memorial Day and Tara Leigh's Winner...

Happy Memorial Day! Hope you spend the day keeping your loved ones close.

My lovely CP, Tara Leigh Coons, has randomly chosen a winner from the comments and it is Keri Stevens! Keri has already been notified and should be receiving her prize via email soon. Thanks to everyone for coming out to get acquainted with Tara Leigh and her work. I know she's going to be blazing up the bestseller lists one day soon.

Time for me to move onto my next interview...this one with another one of my terrific CPs, Helen Hardt. I hope you'll all stop by to celebrate her newest release, Thai'd Up, already a bestseller at The Wild Rose Press's Wilder Roses. Helen will be here on Tuesday, May 26th and we will be giving away a copy of her April release, Passion in Paris, to one lucky commenter.

See you then!


Finding Balance...

Not me, mind you, because I have NO balance at the moment. In the last 48 hours, I've written close to 10K words. In that time, I also worked a day and a half at the day job.

But the good news is I finished the first draft of my short! And tonight, I started my UF, Damned. FINALLY!

But I'm exhausted. Unconsciousness sounds like heaven to me now, but when I get this jazzed to write, I can't sleep. Insomnia has become the norm for me too often lately, and I need to do something about that. Getting some exercise and reaching for water and fruit over coffee and candy would help big-time, I think. Learning that writing is a marathon not a sprint couldn't hurt, either. ;)

What about you? What do you do to restore your balance?

Oh, and please check back in next Monday, May 18th when my marvelous CP, Tara Leigh Coons, is in the hot seat. I'll be asking her about fan fiction, critiquing, and her upcoming paranormal series...and she just may have a prize to give away, too! Maybe. ;)