Readin' and Writin'

Since I have two loves (music notwithstanding) I decided to split my posting between them. Tuesdays will be dedicated to reading, Thursdays to writing.

On Tuesdays, I'll talk about the books currently in my TBR (to be read pile) and which books I'm eagerly anticipating. Every other Tuesday, I'll post a book review. Authors, let me know when you have a new release and I'll be happy to add it to my list.

Thursdays, hopefully I'll have something witty and insightful to say about writing and life in general. Hope springs eternal... ;)

Also, on Friday, October 17th I'll be posting about what separates the published from the unpublished on Dayana Knight's blog so please come visit me!


Helen Hardt said...

Love the new look of your blog!


Cari Quinn said...

Thanks, Helen. :) Since gray and red (maroon) are my favorite colors, I thought this was a great fit.

Christina Phillips said...

I was about to say how much I love your new look, Cari, but Helen beat me to it!!!

Carolynn said...
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Carolynn said...
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Cari Quinn said...

Thanks so much, Christina! :)

Kaye Manro said...

Cari, I like the look of your blog. You have some good ideas on what to post here.

It was nice to see you on my blog. We should blog-visit each other often!


Cari Quinn said...

Kaye, thanks for stopping by. I agree about blog-visiting! I have a feeling you'll be seeing me quite often. :)