Ready to be provoked?

I'm happy to announce I've recently sold my third book to Ellora's Cave, a novel entitled Provoke Me. * insert manic squealing* Along with being the longest book I've written to date - over 80K - it's also the one closest to my heart. To be honest, I'm having a bit of trouble letting the characters go! But the good thing is the series will wrap up with a Quickie about them so I'll get to visit them once more.

For those that have read Reveal Me, Provoke Me is the next story in the Baring It All series (tentative title) and involves Kelly, Alana from Reveal Me's best friend, and Spencer. I've just finished the series proposal for the stories revolving around Kink, the voyeurism club that connects all six books I have planned. Even though a sex club plays a role in each of the stories, these are still pretty emotional books - or at least I hope so. And of course, they're pretty fun too.

Right now I'm working on Need Me, the third book in the series. This one is about Spencer's sister Marcia and her lover Tony...and his best friend Kale.

Here's a little (unedited) snippet of Provoke Me to get you going... ;)

“I’d like you to get started on that redesign of the romance section we talked about yesterday. Marcia recommends you,” Spencer said when she didn’t speak.

“You said I could do it when I got time. With the two day sale, I’ve barely had time to pee never mind artfully reshelve books.”

His benign expression registered nothing. “You redesigned the café last year, did you not?”

The bright, cheery café that got raving comments from customers on a daily basis? Oh yeah, that was her work. She’d chosen everything from the glossy sepia photos for the pale green walls right down to the glass-topped tables bearing wicker baskets of Leigh’s lemon cookies.  “Well, yes, but—“

“Your eye for design is well known around this store. Are you saying you’re incapable of fitting the redesign into your schedule?”

Even as Kelly seethed at his impervious tone, she plastered on a smile. “Never said I was incapable, Spencer. Just that it will be difficult.”

“The sale’s over today. I expect you’ll be able to start the redesign tomorrow. If that’s a problem, come see me and we’ll find a way to make room in your daily duties.”

“What if I don’t want to do it?”

She knew she sounded pouty and didn’t care. She hated that he never seemed to see her as anything but another cog in the wheel. No matter how many department redesigns she executed or innovative ideas she voiced, he never saw her as anything but his goddamn day manager.

Yeah, he’d ogled her breasts for all of two seconds. He’d also given her a couple hot looks. But then he’d gone right back to business as usual.

“I think you know the answer to that question, Ms. Crossman. And I don’t appreciate being baited.” He slipped her folder into a drawer, a succinct dismissal.

Get out of my sight.

Before the guy she’d so stupidly lusted after for years banged any more nails into her coffin of shame, she got the hell out of his office.

And one more announcement before I go...the winner of a pdf ebook of Lynne Roberts' First Date is greenduckie13! Congratulations! I'll be sending your prize out to you ASAP.


Like it hot? Spicy excerpt from Insatiable!

Thought I'd warm up this cold winter night with a HOT excerpt from Insatiable, out this past Tuesday from Loose Id! Click HERE to redirect to Loose Id's site.

Excerpt below not suitable for people under age eighteen.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rachel saw Shawn lunge and let the towel go with a shrieking laugh as he seized her waist. He whirled her back against the glass sliding door, using his arms to cushion the collision as his mouth came down hard on hers.
Reeling from the kiss, she clamped her legs around his hips as he turned and lifted her onto the narrow railing. His strong arms were her only protection from a nasty eighteen-story drop.
“Still wanna play, little girl?” he said against her mouth, loosening his hold ever so slightly.
She shifted to see how far down the streets were. Cars resembling ants marched in uniform rows, and the sky seemed close enough to touch as she lifted her face to the warm, yielding rain.
Licking the drops off her lips, she linked her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. Everything she’d ever needed burned in those fiery green depths. “I always love playing with you.” Smiling, she leaned back, degree by degree. “Do your worst.”
Rain slicked down over them as Shawn rocked against her, wedging his cock between her spread legs. She gasped at the sensation of his hot, hard flesh rubbing against hers and, eager for more, sucked his tongue deep into her mouth.
Before she’d had her fill, he made a feral sound in his throat and swept his lips down her neck and over her breasts, now damp with drizzle. She laced her fingers in his hair as his tongue laved one hard peak. Her head fell back, back arching as his teeth scraped her nipple. The swollen head of his cock brushed her clit, then lower, the tip teasing her slick pussy.
So close, so close…
She angled toward him, drawing her legs up to take his cock all the way inside her. Letting out a low grunt, he hesitated only seconds before sliding home.
Their gazes locked and held, his flesh stretching hers gloriously. She loved it when he filled her like this, banishing anything but him. When they were joined, he wasn’t just her best friend. He was the man she longed for more than she needed to breathe.
The man she was falling for, hard. And there wasn’t a soft landing place in sight.


Welcome Lynne Roberts, author of Creative License, out today!

And...Insatiable's out today HERE as well! Woohoo! :)

I'm so excited to share a release day with my good friend, Lynne Roberts. Especially since I love her writing and especially love Caleb, the hero of Creative License! He's delicious. :) And look at that hot cover!

And not only that...I'm giving away a PDF copy of First Date, Lynne's awesome first book from The Wild Rose Press. Contest will run for about a week, winner randomly chosen from the commenters. So check out my interview with Lynne, take a peek at Creative License's blurb and excerpt and comment away! Ask a question, gush about Caleb, whatever you prefer!

1) I'm browsing an e-bookstore and trying to decide what to buy. Who is Lynne Roberts? And what will I get between the covers of one of your stories? 

 Who is Lynne Roberts? That’s a really good question. Lynne is a pen name I use for my erotic romance books. Recently, I participated in a group blog in which our significant others were asked what it’s like to be like to be married/involved with a romance writer. Because we’re of like minds (which is kinda scary sometimes) that started a conversation around whether he’d ever met ‘Lynne’. To make a long story shorter, and avoid TMI, let’s just say that we agreed that he had indeed met Lynne.

Okay, besides the fact that I'm a writer. (You all know that) I am a mother to 5 wonderful children and a lucky not-mom to my boyfriend’s awesome son. I love to bake and my dream is to one day open a bakery/book store called “Buy the Book” or “By the Book.” My boyfriend and I are of two minds—I won’t tell you which I like, but I will ask you to please tell me which you like best.

I love to garden and this is one of my favorite times of the year. Here in California, the leaves and flowers are budding on my fruit trees, the carrots, peas, lettuce and spinach are up and growing like mad. My daffodils and anemones are beginning to flower now that the narcissuses are fading.

And I guess I should add I tend to ramble. ; )

What will you get between the covers of one of my stories? Romance peppered with a strong dose of wit and humor. I find witty banter sexy and I believe one of the best ways to fall and stay in love is to laugh together. Chemistry. Even as I’m writing, I’m rooting for the characters to get together, to find their HEA. However, you’ll also find flawed, relatable characters. Honestly, when I first started writing Creative License, I didn’t like Lily much. She was a little too snobby for my taste. It took several edits for me to see what Caleb saw in her and then I had to admit there was a chance I was jealous. I believe if I don’t fall in love with the hero, no one else will.  When I wrote Caleb, I let loose. He’s as close to perfect as a perfectly flawed hero can get. In my opinion anyway. Oh yeah, and you'll find some pretty steamy sex, if I do say so myself.

2) Creative License is one of my favorite stories...well, ever. I loved it that much! Caleb is a hero to die for. How did you come up with the story? Did you have an inspiration for Caleb? (...who is mine by the way. Just saying, ladies. I called first dibs last summer, LOL) 

Creative License wouldn’t be the same without you, you know! Thank you! One morning, as I drove home from dropping off one of the kids at school, Katy Perry’s Waking Up in Vegas came on the radio. I was half-listening to it but the lyrics, “Shut up and put your money where you mouth is. That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas” clicked something in my brain and started the “What-if” train. What if you did get married in Vegas… you could get in annulled, right? What if two very different people with incredible chemistry found themselves in Vegas… I could see the morning after scene vividly... The large fake diamond wedding ring... The look of horror on her face.

And then I dropped it. Vegas stories had been done to death. But the characters had already been given enough life that they wouldn’t stay quiet. Finally, I pitched the idea to an editor friend who told me to run with it. She assured me that boss/secretary stories still sell for a reason and she liked my twist on the set-up. Hence the “Vegas Story” was born.

Oddly enough, I never really used the morning after scene and the story doesn’t take place in Vegas at all.

My inspiration for Caleb was easy. I wanted to create the perfect man… that doesn’t mean he’s not flawed, he is. To me a man without flaws would be impossible to live with. Originally, Caleb had dark hair and green eyes but as he developed, I kept picturing Josh Holloway from LOST so eventually, I went back and changed all the descriptions to better fit. There are some major differences. Caleb is younger and a bit broader through the shoulders… well, you’ll have to read the story. ; ) Okay, I know you didn’t ask, but we have to talk about Lily. Lily is one of those names I love but never considered using it for one of my girls. I thought it fit this character well. I wanted to show a woman who grew up privileged. A woman who had her life planned out and under control until she met a man who challenged her, who made her look at her choices and who woke in her not just passion, but a passion for life. What would she do? Continue with a safe, predicable life that she knew, or take step off the diving board hoping love would catch her?


Loose ends have a way of tripping you up… 

Years ago, a law school graduation weekend in Vegas had been part of Lily MacPherson’s plan. Waking up next to a naked Adonis with a ring on her finger was not. After a quick annulment, she relegated Caleb Anderson to her late-night fantasies—and very short list of mistakes—until his voice on the other end of the phone asks a favor that could shake the foundations of her neat and tidy future.

Caleb is still haunted by Lily’s horrified expression that morning in Vegas. At least it had made it easy to set her free…except they aren’t. The papers were never filed. And when the nosy patroness who could launch his painting career insists on meeting his “wife”, does he confess, or call Lily? He calls Lily.

When she steps off the plane, Caleb’s determination to play tour guide disappears in the San Francisco fog. Lily thought she could keep up the pretense for one weekend, cut the last tie to her past, and move on. But their chemistry still pops and sizzles, finally exploding into passion at Caleb’s studio.

It’s everything they remember…but so is the yawning chasm of differences that, in the end, could once again drive them apart.

Product Warnings
Contains balmy ocean breezes, coffee as seduction, the creative use of melted chocolate, and naughty shower lovin’ that gives new meanings to the term “shower head”.


The computer screen blurred. Lily blinked to refocus her tired eyes on the deposition and sighed in relief when the phone rang. She loved her job, loved working for a law firm, but staring at a computer screen for hours took its toll.

Blowing a strand of dark hair out of her eyes, she reached over a stack of law books. “McPherson.” Lily glanced at the clock as her stomach rumbled. She’d worked through lunch again. Damn.

The other end of the line was silent for so long, she thought the caller had changed his or her mind. “Hello?”

“Yes, hi.”

The rich, masculine voice sent chills down her spine and knotted her stomach. Eyes closed, she gripped the phone so hard it hurt. Even after all these years, she knew that voice. “Caleb?”

A low, sexy chuckle rumbled through the line. “You remember me.”

Oh shit, why was he calling her now? Memories of the most erotic night of her life flashed through her mind. Lily opened her eyes, reminding herself the most embarrassing morning of her life had followed. “How did you get this number? Never mind.”

Despite the deep breath, the receiver trembled in her hand. “Can I do something for you?”

An intake of breath and then a pause. “We have a slight problem.”

Lily’s stomach churned acid. None of their problems had been small, not for the twelve hours and twenty-two minutes they’d been married. “Yes?”

Caleb cleared his throat. “It seems the annulment didn’t go through.”

“Oh, shit.” I’m in a bad movie. This has got to be a joke. She leaned against the back of her chair. “What do you mean it didn’t go through?”

“We’re still married, sweetie. The annulment was never processed.”

Married? “Why?” Lily rubbed the ache growing between her eyes. “No. I don’t care. Just get it processed.”

“It’s too late now. We’ve been married too long.”

“We are not married.” Lily tried to swallow past the tide of rising panic.

“The state of Nevada would disagree, sweetheart.”

She could almost see that sexy grin, those sparkling green eyes. She definitely remembered what they did to her. She’d been chocolate under the heat of his sun. “I am not your sweetheart.” She reached for a notepad. Who to call? Certainly no one in the firm. Though they were all professional and talented, people talked. She couldn’t let it get back to her family or… Oh, God. Stewart. “I’ll file for divorce in the morning.”

“Um, about that.”

She didn’t have the patience to wait out the pause. “What?”

“I was wondering if we could delay that a bit.”

A pain in her hand alerted her to the death grip she’d taken on the phone. She was suddenly glad she’d skipped lunch. “Delay? Why?”

“I need a favor.”

“Well you’re out of luck. I’m fresh out of favors.”

“Lily, please listen.”

His voice had lowered to almost pleading. Something in her heart softened. What’s wrong with me? I don’t owe this man anything! He’s a stranger. “You call me out of the blue to tell me we’re still married and now you need a favor?” It came out a little more acerbic than she’d meant.

His chuckle sounded nervous. “I guess that pretty much sums it up. You’re not married or anything, are you?”

Lily closed her eyes. “No. I’m not.”

“Well.” He cleared his throat. “Except to me.”

Intrigued? Of course you are! Buy Creative License from Samhain HERE.


Insatiable's pretty cover!

I can't believe I haven't posted this here yet, but here it is (and in the sidebar too!) Valerie Tibbs did this gorgeous cover for Insatiable, one of few books I'd probably call "my baby." I was just a baby when I started writing it back in high school...just 15, during my summer between freshman and sophomore years. The story changed a lot since then. Rachel and Shawn were my original heroine/hero but over the years, I inserted a new hero into the story, Ryan, and Shawn became the dutiful best friend. But during one of my many rewrites (yes, I rewrote this puppy for sixteen years!..ack!...finally finishing it for good two years ago, not counting editorial edits) I realized I still liked Shawn better and rewrote Insatiable with him finally as the hero.

I love Shawn, I admit it. He was originally based on a guy in my freshman class...really popular, good-looking, way out of my league. Rachel was originally based on a girl I thought was perfect. Now keep in mind these original prototypes originated when I was in high school, but eventually the characters grew and took on a life of their own. I really can't believe that people will finally be able to buy the story I wrote back when being an author was just my pipe escape from the real life hell of high school. Shows never to stop dreaming!

Here's the blurb, subject to change...

Having all of her is the only thing that will satisfy him...
Shawn Griffin and Rachel Cooper have been best friends practically since birth, thanks to their families’ close relationship. But for the past few years, Shawn has been fantasizing about getting his best pal in his bed. When she announces she’s taking a trip to reconnect with an old lover, Shawn knows the time has come to put up or shut up. If she wants to go to New York City, fine. But he’s coming with her.

Rachel doesn’t know what to think of Shawn’s sudden interest. Determined to live life on her own terms, she refuses to fall right in line with her wealthy family’s wish that they get married and have perfect little babies. She just didn’t count on how determined her seemingly laid back -- and extremely sexy -- best friend would become after setting his sights on what he wants. Her, over and over again.

But when tragedy strikes, Rachel begins to wonder if she’ll lose not only her lover but her best friend too. 

Next week in honor of the release, I'm blog swapping with my good friend and fellow TWRP author, Lynne Roberts! We're lucky enough to share a release day...the same day Insatiable comes out, her debut Samhain release, Creative License, comes out as well! We're going to be offering up prizes and answering questions and having fun. And woohoo, Caleb from Creative License is one hot hero (and he's mine, ladies, so back off! LOL) Stop by next Tuesday 2/15 and party with us!


Go Wild with Juniper Bell!

I have to confess...I LOVE Juniper Bell's books. Not too many authors get me to put them on my auto buy list with the first book I read of theirs, but Juniper's the exception. She has such an unique voice and I'm always thrilled to add one of her books to my TBR. That said, Juniper and I share an awesome Ellora's Cave editor, Jillian Bell, and I'm thrilled to help her promote her latest EC release, Go Wild! It's available today HERE. Check out the sexy cover and hot excerpt below, after a few tips on how to heat up your cold Alaskan winter!

Tips from Wild, Alaska on how to survive a long, hard winter:
1. Throw a party
2. Make it last all weekend
3. Follow one rule – “Anything goes, nothing counts.”

Starting Friday, February 4th
you’re invited to Wild Nights 2011.

Let off a little steam, crank up the heat, and see what happens when Lars Nordegren pulls out all the stops to get Katia Pollard to say “yes.” 

Go Wild
Juniper Bell

Lars loves Katia. Katia loves Lars. Lars wants to marry Katia. Can he convince his free-spirited lover that marriage will be as fun as her sexually adventurous single days?

Never before has Katia been tempted to give up her carefree ways. She’s deeply in love with Lars, but she doesn’t know if he can handle her wild side—or needs.

But Lars is a hard man to resist. The former Olympic champion won’t give up—not when he knows just how to please her.

The people of Wild, Alaska know the best way to survive winter is to let off a little steam. When Lars’ buddies hit town for Wild Nights, a notorious winter festival with one rule—“anything goes, nothing counts”—he jumps at the chance to prove he’s the perfect man for Katia.

He vows to win her over, even if it takes four rugged Alaska men and one wildly erotic night in a sauna.

Note:  Features an extended ménage (M/F/M/M/M), anal play and references to bondage experimentation and sexual escapades of all types.   

An Excerpt From: GO WILD
Copyright © JUNIPER BELL, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Storm-dark eyes demanded her response. In bed, when he got that look, she knew there was nothing for it but to bend over, spread her legs, whatever it was he’d demanded. Ecstasy always followed. Lars knew how to touch her like no one else, knew what she liked, what she needed.
But he didn’t know everything.
“You’re trying to put me in a box,” she said, loud enough to surprise a magpie in the woods. It fluttered to a higher branch.
“How? Why?” He actually looked mystified.
“You’re telling me who to fuck, and how, and when, and why. I don’t want a ‘why’, Lars! I want to fuck who and when I want. For whatever reason.”
“Katia, I know you’re a wild child. I know you like sex in all sorts of different ways. That’s one of the things I love about you.” He dropped his ski poles and pulled her toward him, thrusting his thigh between her legs. An instantaneous, irresistible urge to rub herself against him took over. She pictured his thigh naked, each massive muscle perfectly defined and sleek. On its own, her groin ground into him.
His eyes lit with fierce satisfaction. “See that? You’re just as crazy about me as I am about you.” He planted his hands on her ass, then manipulated her up and down against his leg until she moaned. “You can’t run from what we have.”
She tore herself away, stumbling because of her skis. He grabbed her so she wouldn’t fall. “Stop that.”
He came after her, intent and relentless. The sexy bastard knew what he did to her. Knew how to keep her coming back for more.
“Look, Lars. This isn’t going to work.” She scrambled for the right words. “I can’t marry you. The answer is no.”
His eyes flickered, but other than that he didn’t look one bit daunted. He kept coming at her. “Why? Because of Jimmy?”
“No! Well, sort of.” She shook him off, and this time he let her ski a few yards down the path before he stopped her.
“Sort of? What the fuck does that mean?”
“It means the answer is no. I can’t marry you.” She said the words as firmly and clearly as she could. It hurt like surgery, but it had to be done.
Lars rubbed a ski glove across his forehead, leaving a streak of white. She longed to brush it off, but stopped herself short. She couldn’t do this if she touched him. Touching him made her lose her senses. “Is it Wild? Living in Alaska? The cold?”
“No, none of that,” she said, taken off guard. “I like it here. No one’s telling you what to do or pushing you around. No one’s judging you. You can do what you want.”
The look of relief on his face tore at her heart. “I thought Alaska would drive you away from me.”
She shook her head. “No, it didn’t. It isn’t. It’s not Alaska.” A glance around the still woods gave her a quick vision of snow turning blue in the deepening dusk and velvety darkness settling among the trees. The beauty of it speared her heart. Leaving Lars would mean leaving Wild. She’d have to go back to the world of cities and her aimless existence.
Setting her jaw, she planted her ski poles and shoved off.
Of course, Lars chased her. “Then what? Give me an answer I can understand.” He slid next to her and they skied side by side. He had to keep brushing branches away with his pole.
”Oh, for God’s sake. Why do you have to be so persistent?”
“Because that’s who I am. I’m a competitor and I never give up.”
“This isn’t a race!” But she found herself skiing faster nonetheless.
“No, it’s more important than a damn race. I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I thought you loved me.”
“I do. But I don’t want to be married.”
“Because marriage is a box.”
“Exactly.” Finally, he got it. Hope fizzed through her. Maybe they could just go back to how things were.
“You don’t mind it when I’m making you come three times in one night.”
“Of course I don’t.” The power of his body gliding next to her gave her the shivers.
“You don’t mind it when I tie you up and fuck you until you scream for mercy.”
“No. I love it!”
“But it’s not just sex. Everything feels right when I’m with you. When we’re together.”
“But we are together. That’s why I came here.”
“So why not get married? That’s what comes next when people feel the way we do.”
Katia’s eyes stung from the wind in her face, or maybe the realization that he didn’t get it, after all. Up ahead she saw their house. Lars’ house. The one she couldn’t stay at anymore. She stopped, panting, and waved a ski pole at him.
“Why can’t you leave things the way they are?”
“The hell with that.” He lifted her up with one hand on the back of her jacket, like a giant cat with its prey. “You want me right now, don’t you?”
“Yes! But you don’t understand.” Those last words came out as a wail as he clicked off the bindings on her skis. They clattered against each other as they fell to the snowy ground.
“Then make me understand.” He let her feet touch the ground again, but kept his grip on her parka. With a flick of his free hand, he unzipped her snowpants. The rush of cold air made her breath catch. He plunged his gloved hand between her legs. Tears sprang to her eyes as the rough friction of the performance leather, custom made for an Olympic champion, brushed against her clit. She went from zero to wildly aroused with one flick of his finger.
“Oh god, Lars. You’re killing me,” she moaned. The underbrush rustled as some tiny alarmed creature scurried to safety.
She writhed against the leather at her crotch, but his hand kept dancing away. The warmth of it radiated through the glove. His refusal to move against her the way she craved drove her right to the edge.
And he knew it, the bastard.