Shamelessly begging for votes!

The awesome Tiger Lily at Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews gave Full Disclosure 4.5 cherries, so that means it's up for Book of the Week. If you're so inclined to vote for me, I'd be indebted to you for all eternity. There, that sounded romance-y enough, right? LOL

Here's a bit of the's posted in its entirety here.

Is it possible for a love match to happen over a website? What if he’s twelve years younger than the woman he’s interested in? What if she’s just as interested?

Sounds like you’re interested. Better read
Full Disclosure and find out more.

This is a fun story from new author Cari Quinn. The writing is tight and flows fast, keeping the reader firmly in her seat until the last page. The world of Holly and Alex builds throughout the story, making you feel like you’re really there too.

And if you'd like to vote for Full Disclosure, vote here on Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks so much everyone. Have a great weekend!


Reviews and more Reviews!

This morning I picked up Lia Slater's Off Limits. It had probably been in the The Wild Rose Press's Wilder Roses store for all of ten minutes before I loaded it onto my virtual TBR. I've been waiting for this one for a while, because I love Lia's work and because Off Limits has one smokin' hot cover! And I'm pleased to say the book did NOT disappoint - that's why I'm up at 6AM, after reading it as soon as I loaded it onto my computer. It's sexy and fun and sweet....a perfect short read for a snowy winter's day!

Next up on my review list is J.A. Saare's amazing Urban Fantasy Dead, Undead or Somewhere In Between. I finished this book a couple weeks ago and wrote a review, hoping it did the story justice. I'm not sure it does, but suffice it to say, I loved this book. And that cover! J.A. Saare is definitely an author to keep your eye on!

Why do I love Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between? Let me count the reasons.

First of all, there's Rhiannon. She's a smart, kick ass chick who doesn't take any guff from anyone. She can take care of herself, and that's really saying a lot since she sees dead people. She's capable and smart and the kind of girl you'd want to stand back to back with in a fight. Her loyalty, once earned, is to the death. She fights a lot of enemies in Dead, both internal and external, but she always goes down swinging. I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.

Next, there's Disco, a badass vampire who could take you out with nary more than the narrowing of his gorgeous eyes and some well-placed thoughts. Strong and powerful, but never cliched, he's the kind of hero every story needs. He's sexy and protective and deadly. Need I say more?

Then there's the twists of Ms. Saare's paranormal world. I love vampires, but let's face it, they've been done to undeath. Ms. Saare manages to make her world fresh and new and completely unlike any story I've read before. Her characters leap off the page - fangs bared, in some cases, but in a striking, vibrant way that will leave you clamoring for more. Her level of detail is unsurpassed. One of the things I love about this author's work is her ability to craft scenes that linger in a reader's mind long after they reach "The End." That's especially true here. Her writing sweeps you away. You ache with her characters, you fear for them, you rejoice with them - and in so doing, sometimes you forget to do essential things like eat and sleep. ;)

Finally, there's the action! It never stops, and you never get a chance to relax. There is romance here, but make no mistake, this is gritty urban fantasy at its finest. Dead is a non-stop thrill ride from start to finish, and around every turn comes the unexpected. I can honestly say this book took me places I did not expect to go, and I loved every minute of the trip.

Since this is book one of a series, I know there's more to come. And luckily, I can always read - and reread - while I wait.  

5/5 stars


It's subbed!

I finished my "quickie" novella and sent it in, so that means I officially have 3 things on submission right now. I've never had more than 2 in circulation before, so this is big news. This novella ended up at 25K, my shortest story yet. I keep trying to write them under 15K, but I'm a wee bit wordy. ;) From start to finish, this story took 5 weeks to write and edit. I'm very excited and hopeful that it will be well-received!

So why the cat photo? Well, A) I love cats and B) I'm imagining that's a happy meow rather than an angry one, though truthfully that photo could go either way. ;)

Now it's time to go to the next in my stack of WIPs. I have, uh, a lot of them. Apparently that I read ten books at a time means I also have to write ten at once, too (well, I'm not writing ten, but close, LOL.)

Do you work on more than one book at a time?


Looking Deeper

I'm busier than usual this week, trying to wrap up a few projects for submission. One down, one more to go, numerous more in various stages of completion. So while I'm typing away, I figured I'd leave you with a picture to ponder.

I'm a visual person. Tell me something and I'll forget it. Show me a picture and there's a better chance I'll remember. So along with using music as an inspiration, sometimes I turn to photos. Do you ever look at certain images and wonder at the story behind them? This is a photo that seems very straightforward on the surface. A woman undressing for bed. But if you ask yourself enough questions, you'll formulate the start to a story. Is she undressing before or dressing after? Is he sleeping or is he angry and trying to seem relaxed? Are they a couple or is she married and going home to her spouse, leaving him alone? Fun prompts like this sometimes can be exactly what you need to get writing again. Do you ever use pictures to inspire your work?

Yes, sometimes a pear is just a pear. But to writers, a pear can be part orange or really a lemon on the inside or even just pretending to be a pear to avoid being returned to his bushel...

Before I is the release day of my good friend JA Saare's incredible urban fantasy, Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between. I had the privilege of reading this story before its release, and all I can say is...go buy it! Seriously, you won't be disappointed. It's a fabulous story, but FYI, Disco's MINE. LOL Want a copy? Go here.