Shamelessly begging for votes!

The awesome Tiger Lily at Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews gave Full Disclosure 4.5 cherries, so that means it's up for Book of the Week. If you're so inclined to vote for me, I'd be indebted to you for all eternity. There, that sounded romance-y enough, right? LOL

Here's a bit of the's posted in its entirety here.

Is it possible for a love match to happen over a website? What if he’s twelve years younger than the woman he’s interested in? What if she’s just as interested?

Sounds like you’re interested. Better read
Full Disclosure and find out more.

This is a fun story from new author Cari Quinn. The writing is tight and flows fast, keeping the reader firmly in her seat until the last page. The world of Holly and Alex builds throughout the story, making you feel like you’re really there too.

And if you'd like to vote for Full Disclosure, vote here on Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks so much everyone. Have a great weekend!


Lia Slater said...

Voted late last night, er, early, early this morning. :) Hope you win!!

Kaye Manro said...

Congrats Cari on the great review! I hope you win. Going to vote now...

Shelly said...

Voted! good luck cari!

Shelley Munro said...

Done. Great review, Cari.

The Goddess Hathor said...

Voted! So far, you're in the lead :)

~ Hath

Meandi's corner said...

voted and your still winning my dear. Good luck!

--jennifer mathis

Anonymous said...
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Helen Hardt said...

You know you always have my vote!