Like it hot? Spicy excerpt from Insatiable!

Thought I'd warm up this cold winter night with a HOT excerpt from Insatiable, out this past Tuesday from Loose Id! Click HERE to redirect to Loose Id's site.

Excerpt below not suitable for people under age eighteen.

Out of the corner of her eye, Rachel saw Shawn lunge and let the towel go with a shrieking laugh as he seized her waist. He whirled her back against the glass sliding door, using his arms to cushion the collision as his mouth came down hard on hers.
Reeling from the kiss, she clamped her legs around his hips as he turned and lifted her onto the narrow railing. His strong arms were her only protection from a nasty eighteen-story drop.
“Still wanna play, little girl?” he said against her mouth, loosening his hold ever so slightly.
She shifted to see how far down the streets were. Cars resembling ants marched in uniform rows, and the sky seemed close enough to touch as she lifted her face to the warm, yielding rain.
Licking the drops off her lips, she linked her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. Everything she’d ever needed burned in those fiery green depths. “I always love playing with you.” Smiling, she leaned back, degree by degree. “Do your worst.”
Rain slicked down over them as Shawn rocked against her, wedging his cock between her spread legs. She gasped at the sensation of his hot, hard flesh rubbing against hers and, eager for more, sucked his tongue deep into her mouth.
Before she’d had her fill, he made a feral sound in his throat and swept his lips down her neck and over her breasts, now damp with drizzle. She laced her fingers in his hair as his tongue laved one hard peak. Her head fell back, back arching as his teeth scraped her nipple. The swollen head of his cock brushed her clit, then lower, the tip teasing her slick pussy.
So close, so close…
She angled toward him, drawing her legs up to take his cock all the way inside her. Letting out a low grunt, he hesitated only seconds before sliding home.
Their gazes locked and held, his flesh stretching hers gloriously. She loved it when he filled her like this, banishing anything but him. When they were joined, he wasn’t just her best friend. He was the man she longed for more than she needed to breathe.
The man she was falling for, hard. And there wasn’t a soft landing place in sight.


Taryn Elliott said...

Sweet Mama!! That's an addition from the version I read! Gah!
What page is that? err..what kindle mark is that?

LOVE it...can't wait until I get there either.

Amber Skyze said...

Holy Hotness!
Can't wait to read the rest of the book. :)

Gina Leigh Maxwell said...

Hey Cari, new follower from twitter. Loved the excerpt! What's hotter than sex in the rain? I look toward to reading more from you. :) Ciao!

Joanna Aislinn said...

Whoa... and Wow...

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