Pictorial Inspiration...

This ridiculously beautiful man, Henri Castelli (who I found courtesy of Kealie Shay's Saturday hottie on the Menagerie blog) is my inspiration for my NEXT hero, Gabriel, last name unspecified in the tradition of JD Robb's Roarke. LOL I won't be writing his story until I finish VT and my sexy short, but in the meantime, he's keeping me...uh, inspired. Right. That's it. ;)

Thanks for the treasure trove of Henri photos, Tara!


April Vine said...

Oh, I love Roarke. Warrior shoulders, poet’s mouth.
Can’t wait to get my hands on something Ms. Quinn, and I’m absolutely jealous about your VT title. How witty.
Thanks for all your support.

TaraLeigh said...

Helllooooooo Henri!
MERCY--he's just beautiful. You just gotta love google/ and the treasure trove that is picasa.

I can't wait to hear more about Gabriel. And the series we talked about taking it in possibly.


Christina Phillips said...

Phew, it's suddenly turned hot in here!!! He's rather gorgeous. In fact he reminds me of my hero Rafe!!!

SoulGirl said...

Yeah....... I'd like to find that under my Christmas tree thank you very much ;) So Tara killed you with all those damn pictures too? LMAO.

God he is just beautiful and if that is not an inspiration to write, hell I don't know what is.

;) Tresca

Helen Hardt said...

Kealie does find gorgeous hunks. In fact, I stole one from her for my Wednesday hunk today. My race against deadlines prohibited me from finding my own... :(.


Viola Estrella said...

Hi Cari, I didn't realize Mr. Castelli was so popular. I found him on one of my favorite websites, lol! Nice to see he's inspiring more than just me. :-)

Monica Kaye said...

Hi Cari!
Thanks for visiting our blog. Good luck with the Blaze. I so want to get in with Harlequin.

Oh, and a big thanks for Henri.