Moving Forward...

slow but sure. Saturday, I finally sent out VT to Brenda Chin at Blaze. I've had it finished for a couple weeks, but fear of that condition I call suck-itis had set in. All that was left was the final quickie read through to ensure it made sense, but I choked. Not because I can't leave Vincent and Kiki behind. With all the revisions this story has been through, I said goodbye the minute I typed "The End." But because I was afraid the one mistake I'd missed, the one plot thread I'd left dangling would be why it didn't sell. And I would have failed.

I'm a perfectionist. Not the best tendency to have as a writer, but at least it usually means my work is fairly polished. VT was in good shape, I think, when I sent it on its way. I did my job to the best of my ability at the time. Was my best good enough? Time will tell, but I've finally joined the ranks of submitting writers. And it feels pretty good.

In the meantime, I've moved on.

To what? My erotic short, Talk Dirty To Me. It's a cougar story, and it just so happens that one of my CPs is also writing a cougar story right now. And that both of our heroines are lawyers named Holly. No, we did not plan this. LOL Just a funny little bit of serendipity at work.

I'm halfway through my short, and I'm having fun with it. So much fun that I can't wait to submit it. I'm still not sure where it's going to go, but it's nice to be working with new characters for a change. My goal is to be done by the 30th, and I think it's totally doable.

A few more days left to reach those April goals...let's make them count! Are you close to reaching yours? I'd love to hear.


TaraLeigh said...

Of course it's doable! I can't wait to see what you do with that little set of lawyer yumminess!

Not to mention that you're character is delicious to begin with, the fact that he falls for a voluptuous woman is ROCKIN' AWESOME!!

I expect to see at least a rough of this badboy on Friday!

Kaye Manro said...

Good for you Cari! Congrats on your VT submission. And you are off and running with more stories. Great!

Helen Hardt said...

Congratulations on getting VT out the door! And hilarious about our cougar stories ;).

But my goals -- not hilarious, and no congratulations are in order. I wanted to do 40K this month. If I'm lucky, I'll make 30K. I just can't seem to buckle down. But I have a new system I'm going to try for May. I'll let you know if it works!

Christina Phillips said...

Congrats on sending VT to Blaze! It always feels good to have a sub out there!

Good luck with your April targets!

Sarah Simas said...

You go for it, Cari. And when you're done, come give me a kick in the booty to get mine book done. lol You're inspiring with your drive.

I had to chuckle over the cougar stories. lol My brother married one and my hubby's brother is set to marry one this fall. Both ladies are 10yrs senior to our brothers. I think it's delightful and wildly exciting! I'm glad that type of love story is getting recognition. :o) I'm going t tell my SILs. *heehee* They'll never believe it.

Amy Ruttan said...

Congrats again on sending out your work! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Cari! I'm sure Brenda is gonna love it! Good luck on your sexy short as well! I'm digging deep into the second Jaguar book and finally have a new title, (I think) LOL, we shall see! u going to Washington chica?

Cari Quinn said...

Jules, great to hear your Jag book has a new title! (maybe) LOL

Nope, I'm not headed to Washington this year. I probably won't go to RWA until 2011 in NYC...unless I happen to sign a zillion book contract or something. ;)