Helen Hardt's Montego Lay is out today!

Summer's not over yet!  

My lovely CP, Helen Hardt, has a sizzling release out today with The Wild Rose Press's Wilder Roses. Montego Lay will definitely make you need to turn on the A/C, so be prepared!

For today's release day spotlight, she graciously agreed to tell us a little about her inspiration for the story.

1) Tell us about Montego Lay. What inspired the story and that tantalizing title?

There's actually a story here, as you can imagine, LOL. Last December, my husband and I went to a resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica called Hedonism III.  It's an adult only resort, complete with a nude beach.  We had a terrific time, and during the whole getaway I thought about what a perfect setting a similar place would be for a Destination Pleasure story.  So I invented Pleasure Cove Nude Resort in Montego Bay, which is an even more unhibited place than Hedo, if you can believe it.  Plus, using the well known locale of Montego Bay gave me my title, Montego Lay.  While the story is pure fiction, I did base some of the people and events on things we encountered at Hedo.  And I did meet a resort worker named Ace, though he didn't look anything like my Ace.  I just liked the name ;).
By the way, dh and I are going back to Hedo this December to celebrate our 20th anniversary!
2) Now that you've whetted our appetites, what other upcoming releases can we look forward to from you?   

I have two more releases this year that I'm very excited about!  First up is Blood Wolf, an award-winning dark paranormal set in contemporary Scotland.  It will release on October 9 at The Wild Rose Press in a two author anthology...

When mysterious Damian MacGowan saves Suzanne Wood from a gang of thugs in a small Scotland town, she's beyond grateful. But his possessive need to be near her troubles her.  Damian doesn’t understand why he’s drawn to Suzanne. He knows only that he must have her, or he will die. As the two get to know each other, love blossoms. But Damian has a secret, and an enemy, that may keep him from Suzanne forever.

Next up is Slow and Wet, a hot western menage, releasing November 24 at Ellora's Cave.  This is my first release with EC and I'm really looking forward to it!

Jillian Reynolds loves her gorgeous bronc busting boyfriend, Dale Cross. She just hasn't told him yet. After a satisfying romp when she returns from a business trip, she walks naked into Dale's kitchen and is shocked to find another hot cowboy. Travis Logan likes what he sees and is eager to take up where he and Dale left off four years earlier–as two men giving one woman the ultimate pleasure. To please Dale–and herself–Jill agrees. Under the Wyoming summer sky, she yields to the desires of both men. They cover her in her favorite beverage, Dale’s homemade honey-lemonade, and lick every drop from her body. But will this erotic encounter lead to what Jill ultimately wants–Dale’s love?

I have two more stories under contract -- Loving Eve with Ellora's Cave and The Cowboy and the Cougar with Aspen Mountain Press.  Look for them in 2010.

Thanks for stopping by, Helen!

Want even more fun writing talk? Check out WORD WENCHES, the blog I'm doing with my other wonderful CP, Tara Leigh Coons. Tara's first post is up and we'd love to see you! 

On a more serious marks 8 years since 9/11/ you remember where you were? I do, and I won't ever forget. Time goes so fast. Make it count, and hug someone you love today.


Helen Hardt said...

Thanks for the shout out, my friend!

And yes, I do remember what I was doing eight years ago... Still very sobering. May all the heroes and heroines rest in peace.

Viola Estrella said...

Congrats on this release and on all your success, Helen!! Bravo!

Christina Phillips said...

Huge congrats on the release of Montego Lay, Helen! Another one for my tbr pile. I need more hours in the day!!

Helen Hardt said...

Thanks, Viola and Christina!

Renee Knowles said...

Hi Helen,

Sounds like a hot, hot story! (But then, all your stories are :)

Congrats on your release!


Helen Hardt said...

Thanks, Renee!

Cari Quinn said...

Thanks for stopping by to chat with Helen! Montego Lay's a great read. :)

Catherine Bybee said...

Sorry I'm late, Helen... and Cari. This soccer mom stuff is for the birds! lol Congrats on yet another release, Helen. You've had a very busy year!

Shelley Munro said...

I love the story behind your title, Helen. You have some great titles. Good luck with your new releases.

Tara said...

Good luck, Helen!
Sounds like you've got quite the release schedule ahead of you. WOOT! Great stuff.

Monica Kaye said...

Great interview and congrats on the new release, Helen!

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Helen!

I know, I know, I'm always late!! Sheesh, I sound like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.LOL But I wanted to swing by and wish you happy release day!

Your stories are so steamy. I just love it! Ole, baby! You're h-o-t-t!