Happy New Year...and a Kreativ Blogger Award!

Hi everyone! Hope your holidays were merry, blissful and bright. And now that it's a brand new year, back to blogging. The lovely Emma Lai granted me a Kreativ Blogger award a few weeks back, so now I get to share 7 facts about myself and pass the award on to 7 other terrific bloggers!

1) I bought my first album - yes, actual vinyl - at the age of 10. The artist? Don Johnson. Yes, I still love Miami Vice!

2) If someone told me I would have to give up either music or writing tomorrow, I'd have to pick writing. Music helps me fill in the stories in my head.

3) I've always considered myself a better technician than creative writer. In tests, I'm an even left/right brain split.

4) I did something I swore I'd never do while writing this weekend - I skipped the big sex scene and wrote the end first!

5) Some writers hate query letters/blurbs, but I love them. Writing blurbs is fun to me, although that may have something to do with my advertising background. I'd rather write blurbs than books, truthfully!

6) I've never been drunk. Not officially. All drinking does is make me hot and tired. Buzz? What buzz?

7.) I love driving and cars with a fiery passion. When I was a kid, I loved cars so much I'd just go sit in our car in the driveway. Someday I hope to get a big Chevy Silverado truck so I can really dominate the road.

There you have it! Nothing particularly scandalous, but hey, it's late and it's Monday.

Now it's my turn! Here's my seven Kreativ bloggers!

1) Word Wenches - this is the blog I share with my awesome CP, Tara Leigh Coons. She posted a great quote over there today, so be sure to check it out!

2) Helen's Heroes - another of my amazing CPs! And who can argue with her sexy hunks?

3) Christina Phillips - she's always got something fun going on, whether it's author interviews or just tidbits about her writing process.

4) Kaily Hart - Kaily just finaled in her first writing contest (woohoo Kaily!) and frequently poses thoughtful questions about writing.

5) JA Saare - Jaime's always a fun blogger. And she makes you think too!

6) Lynne Roberts - one of my favorite erotic authors and she never fails to make me laugh.

7) Life as we know it - because life just isn't the same without a touch of Kiwi!

There you have it. Feel free to post your own 7 things and to send the award on to other worthy bloggers!


J.A. Saare said...

How sweet! Thanks, Cari.

Miami Vice aside *snicker* you wanna help me on those future query/blurbs? I always struggle with them!

Happy New Year!!!


Oh! And I'd give up writing too. I can't live without music. No way.

Sarah Simas said...

Hi Cari!!

You crack me up! Don Johnson on vinyl. That is awesome. I love watching Burn Notice and the way Michael Weston wears his suits and jackets- he sometimes reminds of ole Miami Vice.

I will definitley be remembering you like writing blurbs and queries! I can do blurbs for others, but have a hell of a time on my own stuff. Queries? *sheesh* No thanks! :) Enjoyed your 7 facts! Congrats to the winners!

Emma Lai said...

They did a countdown of 80s one hit wonders...guess who made the list! :) I'm also an even split on the right brain left brain scale...well maybe with a slight lean towards the mathematical...very slight. It just means we can do anything we put our mind too! And, don't get me started on cars. It's sports cars for me. I'd probably leave my husband if the right man came along...James Bond in his Aston Martin.

TaraLeigh said...

WOOT! Look at you showing up for our blog. WOOT!

Congrats on the Kreativ Blogger baby! Too bad I knew all those answers.

Helen Hardt said...

Thanks for passing me the honor, hon!

Okay, my first album was entitled "Today's Greatest Hits" and it boasted such classics as "Billy, Don't be a Hero" and "The Night Chicago Died." It was a TV advert for 4.99! No original artists, though -- all tracks were performed by "The Realisticks" who sounded amazingly like the real thing. I was in fifth grade at the time, also age 10, which means, dear Cari, you weren't even alive yet!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog and thanks for the award, now I need to think of seven things ;) hehe.

Ok, and I wanna see you out there dominating the road with your chevvy truck! LOL Vroom! Awesome and something I wouldn't have ever known about you!

Shelley Munro said...

Actually, I think I'd have trouble going without music too, but blurbs and query letters. I don't like 'em!

Happy New Year, Cari.

Christina Phillips said...

Ooh thank you for the award, Cari! That's awesome! I'll have a think and do my post later this week!

PS re blurbs - I used to hate and dread writing them, but my CP Amanda finally helped me to nail them myself - only took her four years!!!

Crystal Posey said...

I've never been drunk either. But Tequila does make me laugh, a lot. :)

Kaye Manro said...

Good seven, Cari. I'd have to pick writing over music, and yes, I like writng blurbs too!