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Welcome back to the amazing debut author, Gina Maxwell! 

Gina's fab book helped launch Brazen, the new super sexy line of category books at Entangled Publishing. It's wonderful to see them hitting the bestseller lists right out of the gate!

Here's the Brazen page at Entangled Publishing if you'd like to find out more about the releases! Click HERE

To give you a taste of the amazingly sexy banter from the book, Gina managed to prod her yummy MMA fighter hero Reid into interviewing Lucie, his best friend's little sister...who soon becomes much more than that to him. ;)

Read on for PART TWO of the interview. Best of all? One lucky commenter on both days will WIN AN EBOOK COPY OF THE BOOK! Gina will pick winners on Monday 7/30, so comment away!

Lucie's Interview

Reid: All right, it’s time for sixty seconds with the real Cinderella. Let’s see what we have here. [opens envelope] Ready, Lu?

Lucie: Do I have a choice?

Reid: Nope. Okay, first question. Gala event or intimate gathering?

Lucie: That one’s easy. Intimate gathering. I’d rather be in a relaxed setting with family and close friends than in a room full of strangers dressed like human peacocks.

Reid: [chuckles] Yeah, anyone who’s met you would know your answer to that one. This one’s a little less obvious. For a romantic setting, where would you rather be: a tropical island at sunset, or rustic luxury resort at Lake Tahoe?

Lucie: Ooh, wow…that one is a little harder. I love the idea of both of them. [bites lip and squints in thought] I guess if we’re talking absolute dream scenario with no restrictions, as cliché as it sounds, I’d have to go with the island at sunset. Lake Tahoe is beautiful, but we live so close to it that it’s much more feasible to escape there for a quick weekend getaway, and I’ve never been anywhere tropical.

Reid: Well, we’ll just have to do something about that then, won’t we?

Lucie: That’d be nice, but unfortunately I don’t have much vacation time left since I used most of it to nurse your shoulder back to health.

Reid: Ah, touché. That’s okay, your director loves me. I’m sure if I had a chat with her she’d be able to work something out for you. [winks]

Lucie: [snorts] Every woman loves you, dear.

Reid: That may be true, but there’s only one woman whose love concerns me, sweetheart. [leans over and places a sweet kiss on her lips]

Lucie: [blushes as she smiles] What’s the next question?

Reid: Hmm? Oh, right. [glances at card] If you could go on a cruise, would you rather it be in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean?

Lucie: [eyebrow hitches up] These questions are all destination-related. Why aren’t the more generic things like yours were?

Reid: [doing his best to look innocent] I’m just reading what’s on the card. So, Caribbean or Mediterranean?

Lucie: Well, since I already chose tropical for the other answer, I’ll go with Mediterranean. I’d love to visit Greece and Italy. The cultures there are so rich and vibrant. I think it’d be an amazing trip.

Reid: [grinning like an idiot] I couldn’t agree more. Okay, almost done. [turns on his stool until he’s completely facing Lucie and stares into her eyes] Short engagement, or long?

Lucie: [freezes for several long moments] What did you say?

Reid: I asked you if you would like a short engagement…[takes a ring box out of his jeans pocket and opens it up revealing a pear-shaped diamond in a platinum setting]…or a long one.

Lucie: [wide grey eyes fix on the ring…then fly up to meet his] Reid?

Reid: Based on your answers, I thought maybe we could have an intimate wedding at sunset in Hawaii with Jackson and Vanessa, and then honeymoon on a cruise in the Mediterranean. [takes a deep breath and blows it out] I love you, Luce. And nothing would make me happier than seeing my ring on your finger and knowing you’ll always be with me. Will you marry me?

Lucie: [tears fill her eyes and overflow onto her cheeks] Yes, of course I’ll marry you.

[Reid slips ring on Lucie’s finger, grabs her around the waist and swings her around in a full circle as they laugh before he sets her down and kisses her among cheers from the audience]

Lucie: [wiping tears from her face] Did you set this whole thing up?

Reid: [giving her his signature killer smile] I may or may not have had a conversation with Gina about the types of questions that should be on my card.

Lucie: Because you know how much I love all eyes on me, right? [laughs] You are in so much trouble for this one, Andrews.

Reid: I’m counting on it, sweetheart. [addresses audience] Well, that’s it for Sixty Seconds of Cinderella. I want to thank everyone for coming today and indulging my elaborate plan to land the woman of my dreams. But you’ll have to excuse us now, because I fully intend to take my fiancé home and have my wicked way with her.

[Reid picks Lucie up, throws her over his shoulder, and proceeds to carry her out of the room despite her laughter-filled orders to put her down]

Aww...wasn't that the sweetest? And best of all, this scene didn't happen in the book, but Reid and Lucie's engagement plays a big part in the NEXT book in the Fighting For Love series. Consider this your super special sneak peek!

Thank you SO much to Gina for visiting! We wish her - and Reid and Lucie of course ;) - all the success in the world with her debut book!

Make sure to leave a comment for Gina, Reid or Lucie for your chance to be entered to win your own ebook copy of SEDUCING CINDERELLA! And if you'd like to find out more about Gina, visit


Donna Cummings said...

Ohhh, this is so wonderful. I fell in love with him during Part 1 of the interview, but after this. . .I *have* to have this book!

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Very cute!!


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awwwww I love a good engagement! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Gina L. Maxwell said...

Thanks for checking in, ladies! You're in the raffle for a copy. :) So glad you enjoyed Reid's little scene. :)

Taryn Elliott said...

Aww. What a great post, Gina!
So freaking cute.
Can't wait for book 2.

Gina L. Maxwell said...

Thanks, Taryn!

Susan W. said...

This was another great character interview! Lucie made some good choices! What a romantic move on Reid's part!


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Love the interview :)

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Awww...that was super sweet!!! Really wanna read this one!!!

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Really sweet proposal! I can't wait to read SEDUCING CINDERELLA, it sounds really good.
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Love the banter!! This looks fantastic!

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I am feeling weepy! How sweet, if the excerpt hadn't convinced me to read this book,the interviews did!!

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Congratulations on the book! Very nice interview.


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Great interview! And definitely sweet. I wouldvlike very much to read this story.

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That was so sweet! :)

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Great interview & sweet! Now I've got to add another read to my TBR list on GoodReads. :)

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What a fantastic interview!!! Just loved it!


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What a terrific interview! Thanks for the intro to a new-to-me book!

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