Welcome erotic romance author Nona Raines! CONTEST!

Welcome back to fellow CNYRW member and wonderful erotic romance author, Nona Raines! She's here today to talk a bit about her latest book, UNCOLLARED, available now from Loose Id! Read on for how you can enter her great contest!

Thanks so much for letting me be here today, Cari. I'm eager to tell readers about my new BDSM themed erotic romance, Uncollared.

Submissive Mia Manetti is devastated when her first Master uncollars her just as she was hoping for a permanent relationship with him. Trying to move on, she agrees to sub for a powerful and sexy new Dom.
Chess Ryan has wanted Mia from the first moment he saw her at Club Restraint, but it was always "hands off" because she belonged to his friend Philip. Now, thanks to that friend's maneuvers, Mia is finally his. But only for a little while.
Mia finds it increasingly difficult to keep her feelings in check as she experiences erotic delights with Master Chess, sensual and sexual fantasies that she's never known before. Is she setting herself up for another heart ache?
Guilt, secrets and misplaced pride all keep Chess and Mia from being completely honest with each other. As they connect sexually and emotionally, they realize their relationship has grown too serious to be called "play". How far are they willing to go as Master and slave?

I really enjoyed creating the story and discovering more about the characters as I wrote. Though Mia is a sexual submissive, she has a lot of strength. She's a rock for her family and friends, as well as for her social work clients.  Chess, a Dominant, seems to be strong and in charge. But there's a secret he must keep at all costs if he wants to hold on to Mia.
One of the scenes I had fun writing involves sex, spanking and ice cream!

When the pulsations subsided, Mia sank against him, her legs as soft as the cooked pasta they’d eaten for dinner. Sighing, she allowed Chess to drape her over the counter once more. She closed her eyes, pressing her cheek to the cool granite top as Chess moved away. Mia somehow grew conscious of the sound of the refrigerator door opening and closing. A few moments later, she yelped as something icy cold pressed against her burning-hot butt.
“What?” Her eyes flew open. Chess held a quart of ice cream.
“We haven’t had our dessert yet,” he said, grinning. He pressed the carton to her ass again, and she squeaked. A moment later, she sighed.
“Feels good?”
“Mmm.” The cold ice cream certainly eased the burn. If only she could sit in a kiddie pool full of the stuff…
He chuckled and tugged on the back of her blouse. “Stand up now.”
Mia did. When she faced him, he was just putting a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. “Lift your shirt.” His words were a bit garbled.
When she raised it to just below her breasts, he gestured with the spoon. “Higher. I want to see those pretty breasts.”
She bunched the fabric higher until her lacy white bra was exposed.
Chess flicked open the front fastener of her bra. “Mmm.” He smiled, admiring her rosy-brown nipples, which were hard and aching for his attention. He pushed the spoon deep into the ice cream, pulled it straight out. A thin layer of the dessert coated the spoon. Without warning, he pressed the spoon to her areola.
“Yah!” Mia jumped, the cold metal freezing and burning at once.
“Easy.” He painted her nipple with a thin white smear of ice cream. Then he licked it off, his tongue swirling her flesh until he’d removed every speck. He suctioned her nipple into his hot mouth for a sucking kiss and seemed reluctant to let go.
“Delicious.” He pulled back and stared into her eyes. She trembled, suddenly feeling connected to him in a way that frightened her.
If he realized it, he pretended not to notice. “Here.” He scooped out some ice cream and held the spoon to her mouth. “Have some.”
She opened her mouth, and the cold, sweet flavor filled it. She giggled as she looked at the carton.
He smiled. “What?”
“It’s vanilla!”
“I like vanilla…” Chess gave his eyebrows a wiggle. “When it comes to ice cream.”
Ice cream, yum! Did you know some form of it dates back to ancient times? Emperor Nero (he who fiddled while Rome burned) was said to have enjoyed a combination of ice and fruit or juices. As time went on, variations of ice cream could be found around the globe, including China, Italy, France and England. In the United States, Thomas Jefferson had a recipe for the vanilla ice cream that he served his guests and First Lady Dolley Madison served a strawberry ice cream dessert at the White House.

In celebration of Uncollared's release, I'd like to give away one digital copy of the book and a ten dollar gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to two random commenters. To enter, please just leave a comment telling us your favorite flavor of ice cream! Mine's coconut. And please don't forget to include your email address.

Thanks so much, all, and have a wonderful weekend.

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Nona Raines said...

Cari, thanks so much for letting me be here today, especially since it's your release day! Congratulations on NO FLOWERS REQUIRED! I'm sure it will be another bestseller!

Lona said...

Uncollared sounds great, and I love the cover. Favorite icecream is oreo cookie. Thx for giveaway.

blinkysthebest at aol dot com

Rachell Nichole said...

Favorite flavor of ice cream? I could no sooner choose a favorite book or star in the sky.

Though I will say, I've never been a fan of vanilla anything... including ice cream. ;-p

It was a terrific book. For anyone who hasn't read it, go pick up a copy today!

Eileen said...

Favorite flavor is lemon meringue pie. Can't get enough of it. Loved the excerpt. Congrats on the book.

Kaylyn D. said...

Uncollared looks amazing! Adding it to my TBR. My favorite ice cream is strawberry. Yummy

andieleah said...

Uncollared sounds hot!!! Pushing it to the top of my tbr! My fav ice cream is spumoni!

Kelsey Summer said...

I loved the excerpt and will definitely be looking into this book. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Chocolate Fudge Brownie (chocolate and more chocolate).

kesummer69 at gmail dot com

Em said...

Favorite flavor, that is a toughie but I would say mint chocolate chip, I like the little bits of chocolate in the mint ice cream. Uncollared sounds like a sizzler, can't wait to read.

emily.heisler @

Michelle MsRomanticReads said...

Loved the blurb and the excerpt! Thank you for sharing it with us and for the giveaway. At the moment, my favorite flavor is "strawberries and cream". I have about 3 quarts stashed in my freezer.

msromanticreads at gmail dot com

Nona Raines said...

Thanks for all your responses, friends. They sound yummy! Ben and Jerry's used to have a delicious pineapple and mango swirl that WAS my favorite. Then they retired the flavor. *Sob* What a sad day for me.

Christine said...

Uncollared sounds like a fabulous book and I'm very much looking forward to reading it.
My favorite flavor icecream is anything that has tons of chocolate with bunches of stuff added to it.


Susan W. said...

I just love ice cream, especially if there's chocolate in it! I even like vanilla because I can add whatever I feel like at the time to it and jazz it up! One of my favorites is a homemade Toasted Almond with Cinnamon vanilla my husband I I came up with. Yummy!
Thanks for the giveaway!


Kassandra said...

Favorite ice cream flavor is coffee with caramel. YUM


elaing8 said...

This sounds like a fantastic book.I'm adding it to the TBR list.
My favorite ice cream is Heavenly Hash


Carin said...

I like most anything that involves chocolate and nuts, burnt almond fudge being the top contender.
myreadingobsession at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

The book sounds great! I love ice cream, and try always no flavors. Have no real favorite.

Evey Brett said...

Ooh, sounds nifty.

I'm passionately fond of mint chocolate chip, with anything Oreo coming in a close second...

Kathy said...

Oohh, your novel sounds fabulous. My favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks.

bn100 said...

I like chocolate. Nice excerpt.


Yvette said...

I love coconut ice cream and make it homemade.

Landry Breaux said...

I love homemade vanilla like we used to hand crank in my grandmother's old churn every summer. Today I settle for Blue Bell's homemade vanilla. Thanks for the snippet. It sounds great!

Anonymous said...

My favorite has always been Mint Chocolate Chip. Cool and decadent... Mmmmm... Loved the excerpt, and looking forward to reading the book (even if I don't win, lol)!


jenniferjohnson0925 at gmail dot com

Erica said...

Uncollared sounds awesome.

My favorite has always been chocolate chip cookie dough :)

thebookcellarx @