New Release: MELT is now available!

I'm really excited to share my new release, MELT, with all of you. It features Justin, a tattooed, tongue-pierced high school guidance counselor hero who likes to spank, and Kylie, a fun, fiesty, fun bartender heroine who can take - and give if need be - whatever Justin dishes out. It's dirty and emotional and I hope you like it!
To Justin Norton, an impending blizzard is the perfect time to push the limits. The last thing he expects to encounter on the trail is a dazed woman next to her overturned snowmobile--especially since that woman is his former lover Kylie Fisher, the bartender he’s been slowly rebuilding a friendship with over a shared love of basketball and lager. He's had some pretty kinky fantasies about her and now that they're alone, he's having a hard time keeping his hands off. But she's weak and hurting...isn't she?

Walking in on her long-term boyfriend with three naked women isn’t the way Kylie intended to celebrate the holidays. Flying on fury, she recklessly hits the trail on her brand new snowmobile. Luckily Justin, her seemingly easygoing knight in flannel and denim, saves her from herself, but does he have the moves to back up the sexy looks he’s flung her way for months? Because if he can’t make her melt, she’s damn sure going to find a man who can. But is she really ready for everything that comes with Justin Norton?
And for fun...a short first kiss excerpt:
“I should get you home,” Justin said, only half-aware of his fingers digging into the soft, fleecy material of her pants. “If you refuse to seek medical attention, your boyfriend”—he almost choked on the word—“can take of you. I’m sure he’s worried.”

Kylie let out a sound caught between a laugh and a hiss. “I really fucking doubt it.” Her gaze rose to his. “What about you? Can you take care of me?”

Before he could come up with an answer, she fisted her hands in the lapels of his jacket and jerked his mouth down to hers.

He didn’t react for a moment. Two. Hard to move away when what he hadn’t dared to want had come to him. Finally. Her lips were inferno hot, backed by enough purpose to have his rock-hard cock leaping. Before her tongue could slip into his mouth and rip away the last shred of his defenses, he gripped her shoulders and gently drew her back. “You must want Rob right now. Let me call him.”

“No.” Her blue eyes gleamed defiantly in the crisscrossing spill of light from their snowmobiles. “I don’t want Rob, Justin.”


Taryn Elliott said...


That's one helluva hot kiss. *sigh* I do love Justin.

Amber Skyze said...

Yay! I've been waiting for this since seeing it on the coming soon page at LI. :)

Elf2060 said...

Yum, looks like a wonderful read!