NaNo Madness...

I posted a blogging schedule a couple weeks back, but I won't be following it until Dec. When I came up with my handy-dandy plan, I sorta kinda forgot NaNo was on the horizon. Since it's my first year, I intend to do it right.

My project? The oft-lamented, much maligned and (occasionally) dearly loved Blaze-in-training, Virgin Territory. This is my 3rd "official" draft of the story since Thanksgiving of last year (though I've completed another Blaze-targeted ms since then) but after my recent chat with Brenda Chin, I decided it needed a complete overhaul. Again. From scratch. Among my challenges? Learning to write short sentences. My wonderful CPs could attest to my difficulty in accomplishing this task, I'm sure. ;)

But I think I'm making progress. Of course, I thought that the other 2 times I plodded through VT, too. LOL

Anyway, current word count is 5, 183. I've added a word count meter to the sidebar, which I'm pretty obsessive about filling in. Sometimes it seems like the only reason I'm writing is to make my little red bar move. But hey, whatever gets the words on the page. That, after all, is the whole point to NaNo.

And when in doubt, BICHOK.

The question for Tuesday, Nov. 4th: will Cari, the girl obsessed with presidential politics, manage to write her 1,667 words with such distractions afoot?

Hope you other NaNo'ers out there are enjoying the ride, too. :)


Helen Hardt said...

Looks like you've already written a little since you posted. 5430 is awesome!


Juliana Stone said...

Hey Cari...I hope your chat with Brenda went well! Good luck with Nano...I know of several peeps that are working it this year...I've never tried it, but again, I know of a lot of authors who've successfully finished a novel in one month!

Amy Ruttan said...

I'm off to a slow start but getting there. Slowly. LOL.

Christina Phillips said...

Good luck with NaNo, Cari! I think the word counter is a great idea. I love seeing how my word count rises (although I do it by my computer word count thingy... I'm pretty obsessive about checking that, now I think about it!!)

April Vine said...

Hi Cari

Honestly, I haven’t even started Nano. The entire year came skidding through the first week of Nov, kids concerts and awards evening, my little one graduating preschool, my husband’s exams thrown in for good measure, worry which leaves me stagnant about how my first Scarlet will be received and on top of that edits for my next Scarlet. But come Friday everything goes back into its right focus and I’ll be playing catch up with fingers I hope to be possessed with inspiring speed though I’ll settle for speed anyhow I can get it
You’re doing so great, Cari, it'll be bagged in no time.

Renee Knowles said...

Hi Cari! I am not doing NaNo this year (copped out!), but think your word count is fabulous.

Virgin Territory is a great title. Wishing you every success for a great NaNo!


Kaye Manro said...

Hi Cari, It's good to see your post even if everything is so hectic with nano. Great word count. And I love the title!

TaraLeigh said...

Way to go GF.
Pushing that wordcount up there toward 10K. I'm sure it will be over goal by this weekend.

You can DOOOOOOO this!

Linda Banche said...

NaNo's rough. You're writing something, which is all that matters.