Helen's Hardt's blog interview winner!

I'm late with this, but Helen chose her winner from her blog contest last week, and it's Ashley! She's already received her PDF copy of Passion in Paris. ;)

It's now June. Shocked? Yeah, me too. I'm way behind on everything as usual, but I'm determined to get outside a little this summer. You know, to see the sun and smell the flowers. Foreign concept. ;)

In other news...I'm almost 25K into Damned, my UF. I'm having a great time writing this, and it's going pretty fast, since I only started 3 weeks ago. Gabe and Shea are doing unexpected things, which probably isn't THAT unexpected since I've yet to whip out my handy dandy characterization and plotting worksheets. But that will happen soon.

Next up are my edits for Type Dirty To Me, my erotic short, so I can get that out the door. Then I will officially have 2 projects on submission. Wow, it's almost like I'm a real writer!


Kaye Manro said...

Way to go, Cari! That's a lot of words! And I'm betting that Type will get a contract. I haven't read it of course, but with Helen as your cp it should help.
Good luck.

KaiaLogan said...

Hi Cari

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to check out my webpage and blog.

Also, wishing you the best of luck for your Scarlet Rose submission--very exciting! And I really like the title. I've loved working with TWRP team, I hope you get to as well.

Christina Phillips said...

I can't believe we're half way through this year already either!!!

25k in 3 weeks is great going. And good luck with your erotic short!!

Sarah Simas said...

Holy Cow, Cari!!

25K in 3weeks! That is amazing. Way to go, lady!

Please send some of those words my way! LOL