Juggling my many loves...

...or how many is too many?

Manuscripts, that is, not mates. ;) Up until recently, I was solidly a one book woman. Though my reading tastes have always led to me read at least 4-5 books at any one time, I didn't do the same with writing. There, I was much more single-minded. Whatever book I was working on was it for me. I rarely did much beyond thinking about other projects until the current one was complete. But then I started completing a few books. Then I wrote a short. Next thing I knew, I was juggling two WIPS in progress - my 100K UF and an approximately 20K new erotic short - while editing the first short. Still have one of my Blazes on the backburner to be edited, too. And lo and behold, this is fun! I'm enjoying swapping projects and giving my attention to whichever is holding my interest that day. Plus, it's allowing me to make a little progress on all of them, and it's good practice for when the day comes that I have to be writing new things while editing other manuscripts for a publisher.

Yoohoo, day, you're coming right? RIGHT?

So how about you? Do you juggle many loves too, or are you like I used to be and loyal to one book at a time? Inquiring minds want to know.

And since I haven't posted any pics of Henri for a while... (Christina, this one's for you!)


TaraLeigh said...

Ahhhh. I'm with you darlin'. Though I'd love...for once to try just ONE project. LOL

And...I think that day's come.

We will be published goddammit!



SoulGirl said...

I hear you -- LOL.. I really do.

But I have gone the the other way -- I had way too many projects and I felt I couldn't focus.... now I've cut them down to just two at the moment, writing full time... and they have improved so much.

I think it goes thru phases for me -- and having many loves is an advantage that there is always something to write when you feel like it. Rather than forcing it.

You have been churning out the wordage lately woman. So whatever you are doing, is right.

PS. Hi Henri *puuuuuuuuur*

Keri Stevens said...

I've been loyal, but recently I've begun to cheat. After the umpteenth editing pass, I think--"It's time to meet someone new/sexy/exciting whom I haven't diddled to death, yet."

So my days of manuscript monogamy are over. I've become the Slut of Story, the Cougar of Creativity, the Mistress of Multiple Manuscripts. I paint on my red lipstick, and write!

The Goddess Hathor said...

I am not working on anything as lofty as getting published, but I do tend to juggle 6 or more projects at a time. It's like my books. I, too, have them scattered all over the house; different genres in different rooms. Depending on my mood, I go and read. Same with writing.

So you're not alone in that!

~ Hath

Helen Hardt said...

I'm a juggler. Usually shorts and longs. Right now I've got three projects in the works ;).

Kaye Manro said...

I too tend to have several writing projects going at a time. I'll be editing one, while plotting another, while I write on still another one.

Christina Phillips said...

OH! Ooooh. OOOOHHHH!!!!!!


sorry, was there a question I was supposed to be answering here?!

*Christina continues to drool over Henri...*