Jumping Tracks

I had a very nice post here about all my current projects...that I very nicely deleted. Yeah, heat must be getting to my brain. ;) At any rate, I didn't want to lose all the encouraging comments, so I'll just say ...I have three current projects to finish, and will soon be posting word meters in the sidebar to show my progress on them.

Wow, this was my shortest post ever! LOL


Catherine Bybee said...

Goals are very important. And remember you can fix a bad page, but not a blank one. So work it, sister!

Kaye Manro said...

I do understand, Cari. I have some of the same stuff going on.

Hey, have you heard anything from your subbed Scarlet? (probably should do an email to you!)

Good luck with it all.

Helen Hardt said...

Best of luck getting these three done and off your plate! I'm just as bad about starting new projects when I should be finishing old ones. When ideas are constantly churning, it's sometimes hard to stick to an old one ;).

Cari Quinn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Catherine, Kaye and Helen. :)

Nope, haven't heard on my Scarlet yet, Kaye. Should hear by the end of September. I'm okay with waiting though, because right now I'm optimistic, LOL

Christina Phillips said...

I need goals to motivate myself and deadlines are even better, since otherwise I procrastinate around for hours! Good luck with your goals Cari and I am with you on the whole wine thing!!!

Shelley Munro said...

Sigh - you're not alone. I go through times when I have lots of projects started and then they lose impetus. I've actually finished two lingering projects recently.

Have you thought of joining a book in a week or a book in the month challenge - something to make you push through and finish a project. That might help.

SoulGirl said...

Ohh I so know how you mean. Writing can be a jumbled circle so many of the time.

I think you're right... for you, the WIP meters is a great idea, I might do the same actually -- visual is everything to me too.

Now I have do have a question about your list -- where is GABE? *folds arms* he better be on that list once one of those things is completed missy. I thought you were all keen to get back into him.

And three WIPs is a good number, you have the variety so always something you should feel like working on.

Good luck, and ohh Sept is just around the corner with news for you and for your lovely CP on feedback. *muah*

KaiaLogan said...

Hi Cari
I've always been good at beginnings, lol.

Me, I've been in a writing slump feels like all summer, tough to buckle down. Today I gave in to the lure of a new idea, in the hopes that it will get my creativity going again. I think some kind of visual reminder of where you're at is an excellent idea. Time to hunt up some word meters...
Good luck! :-)

Cari Quinn said...

I appreciate all the support everyone. With all your help, I'll surely get somewhere. I hope, LOL

Shelley, my local chapter does a Book In A Week every month and I usually participate. You're right - they're a great way to get a jump on whatever's on your plate.

Tresca, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Gabe. Part of the reason I'm pushing to get these projects done is so I can get back to him and Shea. ;) Of course NaNoWriMo's coming up...oy vey. LOL

Good luck to you too, Kaia! We can cheer each other on. :)