Late 2010 Recap

I haven't posted in over a month, but I've had good reasons! I've been knee-deep in edits on two upcoming releases: Reveal Me, hopefully coming in early 2011 to Ellora's Cave, and Insatiable, coming to Loose Id in early 2011 as well. Both are contemporary erotic m/f. Reveal Me's short, barely 15K, while Insatiable is 60K after first round edits. First round edits are out the door on both stories so I'm hoping to have more info on release dates, etc. soon.

I've also finished a ms since I posted last. Provoke Me ended up close to 90K, but thanks to my awesome CPs' help, has already been whittled down a bit closer to 80K. I'm still polishing this one for submission to Ellora's Cave.

AND I'm working on a new story, tentatively titled Watch Me (Reveal Me, Provoke Me, and Watch Me are all part of one series which will ultimately include one more story, tentatively titled Need Me, and a free read. Or at least that's the plan right now.)

I love working on new stories. Love it! That first rush of anticipation, the possibilities, getting to know new characters, making up's just awesome. Good thing I'm so excited about the initial stages because my process slows down hugely at the end. That's my mulling time to make sure the story hangs together and I tend to mull a LOT.

In other news, we got almost 4 feet of snow here in my section of NY in under 4 days time. So it's definitely going to be a white Christmas.

One of my many goals for 2011 is to blog at least once a week. So I'm going to try to make that happen.

And did you notice my spiffy new blog design? The awesome Natalie Dae redesigned it for me...and I adore it! I went back to my original tagline "What's More Dangerous Than Falling In Love?" which makes sense as I branch out, hopefully, into new genres. Now I just need to update my website.

Happy holidays...and do what I love to do most on a cold day, go read a good book!


Lisa said...

Love the new look! Congrats on all the good stuff happening for you ;)

Amber Skyze said...

Love the new look. Natalie did mine too.
Looking forward to your new books.

Lynne Roberts said...

LOVE it! It's beautiful!

Looking forward to reading all the new releases!