Six Sentence Sunday

It's that time again! And this week, it's the Easter Sunday edition. Unfortunately I don't have any bunnies hopping about in this six sentence post, but you can pretend, right?

Since a few of you last week were interested in the identity of the man who appeared onstage as part of the exotic dancing show in Conquered (which is in edits this week, wahoo!) my m/f erotic contemporary novella, I figured I'd tease you all with just a bit more.

There was the requisite fireman, scientist—in flapping lab coat, no less—and construction worker. Bringing up the rear were a boxer and a cop. The cop so couldn't dance . He kept watching the other guys and trying to mimic their moves but it was pretty much a lost cause. Not only did he have two left feet, they were both broken.

What he did have was a yummy body.

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Taryn Kincaid said...


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh tease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela S. Stone

Cate Masters said...

Yep, no dancing skills required in those cases! lol Fun snippet.

Taryn Elliott said...

There's my cop. ;) going to tease them with Jeff next week?
I vote for the kiss.

Sarah Grimm said...

He doesn't need to be able to dance. Nope. Just stand up there and look delicious. :)

Gem Sivad said...

Evidently his dancing isn't an issue. Nice body trumps a waltz every time. :)

Great six and Happy Easter Cari!

Lindsay said...

Cute six. At least the cop has something going for him

AllureVanSanz said...


Great six.

All my best,
Allure Van Sanz

Susanna Fraser said...

Fun six! Actual cop whose undercover skills need a little work, I'm guessing?

Jayel Kaye said...

yummy body trumps bad dancing anyday