Happy birthday Cassandra Carr! CONTEST!

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Happy birthday, Cassandra! Hope everyone's been having fun! Though the party's been raging all day, I'm getting here late...but hopefully you're still in the mood for a spicy deleted scene from Provoke Me! Commenting on this post on Cassandra's FB page will get you entered to win ebooks of BOTH Reveal Me and Provoke Me, the first two books in my Ellora's Cave Unveiled series, so you're all ready to read book 3, Need Me.

First, here's a spicy deleted scene from Provoke Me. The scene where Kelly first sees Spencer at Kink - and vice versa - changed a bit from the original, but I always loved this early snippet. Enjoy! And don't forget to head back HERE to comment!

Kelly swayed as a wave of dizziness swept over her. Between the overwhelming heat, the alcohol and her empty stomach, she couldn’t seem to focus. Her vision grayed, and her damp fingers tensed around the glass she still held. She’d left the empty one on a table somewhere along the way, which was a damn good thing because she couldn’t have managed to hold two. Her back hit the wall and she groaned, beyond grateful for the support. 

Breathe, just breathe. Ride it out.

Her swimming head shifted toward the couple in the corner directly across from her. At first she couldn’t make out their faces through the thick steam but it didn’t matter. She knew. She recognized the wide hand on the small of the woman’s naked back, just below her fall of red curls. Shadows gilded his roped shoulders and highlighted the golden hair on his chest as their sweat-slickened bodies rubbed against each other. His head lowered to hers, his perfect lips roaming her mouth, her cheeks, her neck. He fisted a handful of her hair, turning her so the thick weight of his cock brushed her hip.
Kelly gasped as flames licked at her pussy, shooting sparks into her peaked nipples. Her hold on her drink faltered, her fingers slipping from her own sweat.

Hey there, Spencer. Remember me?

Provoke Me is available on Kindle (at a reduced price!) HERE


Catherine Bybee said...

Nice! Very nice!

June M. said...

Sounds great. I really want to read these books.