Welcome erotic romance author Lissa Matthews! Giveaway!

Yay, I've got a special treat for all of you today. Lissa Matthews is not only an amazing author, she's also a total sweetheart. I'm lucky to count her as a friend and she's always been so helpful and giving with her time. She was kind enough to come on my blog to help celebrate her recent release TWISTED UP (look at that hot cover!) and as part of the celebration, we're giving away a copy of the book! 

Trust me, Lissa writes some DELICIOUS heroes! (Vinter from Simple Need anyone?) I'm also loving her new self-pub series that starts with need to go check those stories out if you enjoy m/m! They're really sexy, wonderful novellas that are priced just right!

I can't wait to read TWISTED UP and I know you'll love it too! So just leave a comment or question for Lissa and you'll be entered to win! Contest will run until 12/27, winner announced shortly thereafter (along with the Stuff Your Stockings winner!)

Take it away, Lissa!

This is the first time I’ve been on Cari’s blog and I’m thrilled to be here. I can’t think of a better Christmas gift for myself!

My name is Lissa Matthews. I write contemporary erotic romance for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id, and most recently I ventured into self publishing.

I’m sure y’all already know this, but Cari is a wonderful person and there’s no better time of year than to tell her so than this. She’s been a good friend to me over the years I’ve been in this business. She’s been there for support when I’ve received bad reviews and amazing ones. She’s beta read for me and offered her honest opinions. She’s always there with a kind and uplifting word, always offering a smile.

She’s one of my favorite people and… she loves coffee.

She invited me here to help me get the word out about my new release from Samhain Publishing, Twisted Up. It came out Tuesday and is my first release from a publisher in a year. Lovingly and laughingly, I have referred to the characters as Cowboy Justin and his girl Ella for months now. It’s one of my very favorite books I’ve written and it’s full of emotion and sex and Ella does a great deal of gawking at Justin in his jeans and boots.

It was a fun story to write and I hope readers will end up loving it as much as I do.

Here’s the blurb for Twisted Up:

One rope. Three days. And two hearts on the line.

Justin has had enough. Ella, the woman who healed his broken heart, has been cancelling on him for two months straight. Sure, she’s busy with her job, which has her traveling far and wide. But that never stopped her from sharing nights of trivia, long conversations and blazing hot sex—until now. Truth to tell, he misses their easy friendship, the way her sighs fill his ear as he fills her body.

What he can’t figure out is, what’s changed?

At work, Ella finds it easy to talk to rooms full of strangers. Once back at her lonely apartment, though, she’s back to her painfully shy self—until Justin. Their chance meeting grew over the months into a year-long affair, but she can’t shake the feeling that rejection and pain are just around the corner. Best thing to do? End it now, before their intimacy digs too deep.

Suddenly he’s at her door with a length of neon-green rope and a naughty proposition, daring her to say no. Just how good could it be? There’s only one way to find out…

Warning: The sheets are tangled, the hat is crumpled, and the jeans are worn low on the hips. The cowboy is hot, determined, and helpless in the face of bunny slippers. Readers may need extra batteries to get this one out of their system.

You can find Twisted Up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Samhain Publishing. You can find out more about me on my website, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you again to Cari for inviting me. I hope she and all of you have a very wonderful holiday.


Thanks so much for being here, Lissa. Doesn't TWISTED UP sound amazing? Comment for your chance to win! And happy holidays!


KarmynK said...

The book looks HOT! Please enter me into your contest.



KarmynKameleon (at) gmail (dot) com

Meagan B said...

This is one book that I am def looking forward to reading!


Gina Leigh Maxwell said...

Holy hell, is there anything sexier than a shirtless cowboy with low-riding jeans and a length of rope?

This sounds amazeballs, Lissa. Consider me a contest hopeful! Thanks for having her over, Cari.


Also, I'm going to admit that I have no idea why we need to type our email addresses that way. But to avoid some horrible internet faux pas, I follow along with the crowd.

Shelley B said...

I love a hot cowboy! Please enter me.... In your contest of course!
srbagby 50 at gmail dot com

J.K. Coi said...

Congrats on the release! This looks fantastic! Happy Holidays :)

StacieD said...

Hello Lissa!
I grew up in rural Oklahoma so you know I LOVE cowboys. I've read blurbs about Twisted Up on several blogs. I think it is a story that I will love. That cover is gorgeous too. Not only is the model yummy but the colors are truly striking. Congratulations and good luck with your new release!

geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

ClaudiaGC said...

The book sounds great! And there is a cowboy in it. That is enough for me. ;)

claudigc at msn dot com

Michelle Bledsoe said...

I would love to win this book. It will sure warm me up on a cold winter day...LOL
Cari, I have really enjoyed your books. Thank you for the hours of entertainment you have given me.

koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

Courtney said...

Saw your RT this morning & mosied on over.
This is the only one of your books I DON'T have yet & it's killing me having to wait til payday! (LOL) Please throw my name in the hat.


kog said...

Cari and Lissa - two of my fav authors rogether. Happy Christmas to me!

Lissa - I read You Can Leave Your Hat On. it was swwet and hot. Your new book sounds great too.

June M. said...

Oh, my! You just gotta love that cover! Hot, sexy cowboy pulling down his jeans, with a mind does go places, lol. Thank you so much for the chance to win a copy of this book. It sounds wonderful.
Happy holidays to both of you wonderful authors!
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Christina said...

oooh sexy cover! I can't wait to read it!

Jen17 said...

hot! i enjoyed this blog. excellent writing. on the subject of erotica, readers who may be interested in learning about the sometimes dark and secret world of phone sex operators are also welcome here.