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Jeanette's here today on her blog tour for her recent Samhain release, UNACCEPTABLE RISK. Check out that gorgeous cover! The book sounds amazing, so go pick it up!

Behind Every Strong Man…
It's been said a million times: behind every great man is a great woman.

But in this day and age, does it really have to be that way?
I'm not going to lie. What draws me into a book is the hero. It never fails. I love them hot, smart…and preferably tortured. Show me a good man to fall in love with, and I am hooked. Immediately.

But what makes a romance novel great for me – what makes it memorable and re-readable – is a strong heroine. Someone who can hold her own and who wants more out of life than just a guy. Someone who gives as good as she gets. Someone who, even after finding the love of her life, is still herself. Just better.

Strong heroines are hard to find, though, and they're even harder to write. Our culture draws a very fine line between 'strong woman' and … well, a word that rhymes with witch. Women are supposed to be accommodating, supportive and, more often than not, submissive; when they break from that mold, they run the risk of becoming unlikable.

But they also have a chance of becoming real.

Creating a strong heroine was key to the inception of my debut novella, Unacceptable Risk. In something of a role reversal from the typical romance, the heroine, Plix, is the one out there on the front lines. Driven to expose the person she believes responsible for poisoning her city and killing her parents, she's turned herself into a one-woman army, capable of infiltrating enemy strongholds and recording everything she sees, all to be used as evidence against the corrupt powers she's trying to take down. Because her life is so dangerous, she doesn't see love as an option.

It's a common dilemma for the strong heroine. Unwilling to be seen as weak or to depend on anyone else, it's hard to let others in, much let yourself fall in love.

The closest she's ever come to letting someone really know her is her friend Edison. While he's not the one out there kicking ass and taking names, he's integral to everything she does, repairing her systems and working behind the scenes to keep her safe. He's an ideal, swoony hero, and he's also the perfect counterpoint to Plix. He loves her because she's strong; he wouldn't want her to be anyone except exactly who she is.

When these two do finally admit their feelings for each other – when she finally allows herself to let him in – there's no change in their relative positions. Plix learns that she can still fight for justice while also taking something for herself. She learns that she can be a better version of herself, because she's allowed herself to be supported by Edison's love.

And isn't that the heart of any great love story? Finding someone who loves us for exactly who and what we are? Someone who challenges us to grow?

I'd say so.

So I say it's time to put that old saying away. For me, behind every great man is…well, nothing. Because the woman who loves him is standing right beside him, holding his hand.
And both of them are better because of it.

About Unacceptable Risk:
Plix spends her lonely, gritty life trying to solve the mysteries her father left behind. Armed with a variety of cybernetic enhancements and a talent for getting into places she shouldn’t be, she searches for clues to his murder—and who’s responsible for poisoning her city.

Waking up on a street corner with her brain wiring fried to a crisp, she figures she must have gotten close this time. There’s only one man she trusts to pull her back from the brink: a tuner who can retrieve the evidence hidden deep in the recesses of her mind. A man she dares not let too close to her heart.

When Edison downloads a secret SynDate schematic from Plix’s burnt-out circuitry, he knows with dreadful finality that nothing—not even the fiery kiss he’s been holding back for years—will stop her from pursuing her quest past the point of insanity.

All he can do, as he helps her plan her final mission, is ease her pain, watch her back…and hope one of them doesn’t pay with their lives.

About Jeanette Grey:
After brief, unsatisfying careers in advertising, teaching, computers, and homemaking, Jeanette Grey has returned to her two first loves: romance and writing.

When she isn’t writing, Jeanette enjoys making pottery, playing board games, and spending time with her husband and her pet frog. She lives, loves, and writes in North Carolina.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Carolina Romance Writers.


kog said...

Congratulations on the new release Jeanette!

Plix is an awesome name for a kick-ass heroine. Sounds like a great read.

Jeanette said...

Thanks so much for having me, Cari!

Kog - I adore the name Plix. The whole story kind of magically came together once that name appeared in my head.