Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Hot Summer Nights Blog Hop! Thanks so much to the incredible Skye Warren for putting the hop together!

Today we're talking naughty summer pleasures. There's nothing like a hot summer night to get your blood pumping and your, ahem, juices flowing. Right now it's almost 100 degrees in my part of the world, so this hop couldn't have come at a better time!

Speaking of naughty, I figured I'd get right to the good stuff...a XXX-scene from my menage UNWRAPPED. UNWRAPPED was just voted the #2 sexiest scene at Scorching Hot Reviews out of TWENTY-FOUR scenes! Read on at your own risk, and be sure to read on for how you can be entered to win the FABULOUS giveaways!

UNWRAPPED by Cari Quinn

Tristan moved back so fast Cait’s head reeled. “Get up on the love seat, spread your legs, and show us.”
She couldn’t. No way. Masturbation was personal, private. She bit her lower lip and glanced at him over her shoulder again. “Only if you come inside me when I’m done.”
A corner of his mouth lifted, and he glanced at his massive erection. “Think that can be arranged.”
Before she could argue herself out of it, Cait rose and went over to the couch, jolting at the tingly feeling of the lube as she sank to the cushions. Her lube didn’t feel that good. But she’d never had Tristan put it on her either.
She swallowed hard and waited for the two guys to take their seats on the sectional across from her. Both already had their hands on their cocks.
Yeah, this wasn’t the least bit intimidating. Or hot.
“Here,” Tristan said, tossing her the vibrator.
She caught the toy. It was the kind meant to be inserted, with just enough girth to make things interesting. She wet her lips, about to flick the on switch, when Tristan added, “That’s for your ass.”
She wet her lips. “This’ll be over quick, then.”
They had no clue how sensitive she was back there. She’d used her vibrator a couple of times during solo anal play, and she’d nearly cried out enough for her two neighbors to hear.
The buzz of the vibe seemed unnaturally loud, though she knew they’d used it on her earlier. Maybe Tris had slipped in fresh batteries, the sadist.
Anticipation coiled inside her as she spread her thighs and braced her feet on the coffee table. Even after sex with Matt, even after her orgasm earlier on his mouth, she was about a dozen climaxes behind from their night of sensual torture. And if they wanted to watch her be a little naughty -- a lot naughty -- she’d happily give them what they desired.
She slid the vibrator along her seam, intending to tease them first. Up and down she rode her pussy lips, inching closer to her ass on every trip. It wasn’t long before she was panting. Before they were panting. She smiled as she noticed they were giving her some inspiration, jerking each other off while keeping their gazes firmly directed on what was happening between her legs.
Her heart racing, she let the circular head of the vibrator graze her clit. She squeezed her eyes shut and pressed hard on the distended flesh. Within two passes, the vibe was soaked with her juices. Tristan’s low groan indicated he’d seen the evidence. All the evidence. If she didn’t slide the vibrator down fast, she’d be coming in a hurry.
And then it was too late.
Cait cried out, helpless in the throes of the sudden orgasm. She extended the moment by holding the slick toy against her pulsing clit. God. Once the waves of sensation ebbed, she went straight for her target, slipping the vibe down between her ass cheeks, slick with both the lube and her own arousal. She figured she’d have to circle around for a couple of minutes, but her body proved her a liar. The instant she slipped the head of the toy inside the tight ring of muscle, her pussy contracted again, her whole body contorting as she moaned her way through another powerful orgasm.
She dropped back against the cushions, the vibe rolling out of her trembling fingers. Dammit, she was going to have to bronze that thing.
“Come here,” Tristan demanded, his voice stirring her from her semidoze. “Come sit on my lap.”
She opened her eyes and let out a soft cry at how hard he was. She could see every vein and ridge of his cock. She wished for enough energy to suck him off, but her feet felt weighted to the carpet. She couldn’t even move to go to him.
“I’ll do all the work,” he added with a smile, patting his thigh. “Come here. I need you.”
With those three little words, she found strength she hadn’t known she had left. She’d crawl to him if she had to.
She all but hurtled across the space separating them, about to straddle his legs when he nudged her around to face the other way. Matt had risen too and stroked his cock as he waited for her to take a seat.
“A new position already,” she murmured.
“We have a lot to work through,” Tristan agreed with a soft laugh.
He quickly put on a condom and pulled her down until she hovered above his cock.
“Spread those pretty thighs for me. That’s it. Take me in --” He stopped and grunted, holding her still.
“What? What did I do?”
“Can’t. I’ll lose it.” He forced out a breath. “Gotta do it slow. You’re drenched.”
“Well, duh. Did you see me come over there?”
Both men laughed, and the sound warmed her through and through. She’d started to get a chill, but now it was gone, lost in the heat of the man sliding inside her. He went achingly slow, but she still jolted as he filled her. Fuck, he was huge. So aroused, so hard, so --
“Good,” she whispered once he was seated.
He caught her hips in his hands as he started to thrust and retreat. He didn’t go deep, not at first. Taking care of her as always.
“All right?” His fingers spanned her stomach, pulling her backward a little to change the angle. She gasped, and he immediately stilled. “Want me to stop?”
“No, stupid. Can’t you feel how she’s creaming around your dick?” Shaking his head, Matt knelt in front of them. When she thought she couldn’t deal with any more sensation, he leaned forward and licked her right above where she and Tristan were linked. Then he licked Tristan’s cock too, before her juicy pussy swallowed it again.
“Christ, that’s so hot. You’re incredible. Watch him fuck you, Cait.”
Shocked at how indescribably dirty it was to watch Tristan’s cock push in and out of her, she stared. She bit her lip at the mini explosions that went off inside her, trying to hold back. Not yet. She didn’t want to come so soon. Tristan was inside her. Finally. She didn’t want it to end.
Matt’s tongue flattened against her clit. Fiery need gripped her as she fought to get more of Tristan’s cock and feel more of Matt’s talented tongue.
“Baby, I can’t hold on. Can’t. Sorry,” Tristan grunted, almost shocking her out of her own impending orgasm. He was sorry? “Oh fuck. Oh Caity.”
When he shouted her name as he came, his hips thrashing madly against hers, his breath a hot gust against her back, tears sprang into her eyes. She loved him so much. She hated that she’d hurt him. Worse, that she’d likely do it again.
But she couldn’t concentrate on tears, not when Matt was still between their legs, licking Tristan’s balls, sucking her clit, driving her crazy. An inferno of heat swept over her body, and her painfully erect nipples tightened even further. Then Matt sealed his lips around her clit and pulled.
Pleasure drenched her as her body clenched and released, her pussy flooding yet again. From what seemed like far away, she heard Matt groan and figured he'd probably made himself come too. The climax shot through her harder than all the rest, leaving her weak and sweaty and damn near unconscious.
This orgasm -- the best of the best -- had come from all their efforts. Something the three of them had shared, had given each other. There was no point in denying it.
A few minutes later, one of them picked her up and carried her off to bed. By then she couldn’t even open her eyes to check which. Soft lips glanced off her temple, along with words of love that followed her into sleep.

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Candy said...

I enjoyed your lot read!

Jet said...

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I don't really have a "naughty" summer activity. I guess sitting on my bed in the air conditioning reading erotic books is as naughty as it gets for me lol

Yvette said...

The excerpt was smokin'...I also follow you blog and have signed up through e-mail.

Kassandra said...

Very nice excerpt!
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My hubby and I like to skinny dip in the pool in the summer ;)

ReneAva said...

Summer is full of plenty of outdoor activities. But my all time favorite is eating all of the yummy ripe fruits that are available (especially with my hubby).

Thank you for this chance to win and for being part of the hop (love your work!)

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PS I'm a follower via email (see above), GFC (reneava)& Twitter (@AvonGiebel)

LorettaLynn//Temprance said...

ok here go's, i want to go camping and make love under the star's with my hubbie..the only down fall is there most likely be a camp ground full of peeps :( lol
great giveaway:) thank you


Jlhmass said...

Love this blog hop. My favorite naughty activity is skinny dipping in the pool with the hubby, after the kids are in bed.

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Skye Warren said...

Fuck, that was hot. And emotional. I need the rest of the story now... I'm not entering though, just stopping by. Thaks, Cari.

Sue Sattler said...

Midnight love in the swimming pool is what I look forward to in the summer.

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Yep I'm really naughty...I sit in front of the AC reading during the summer....but Wholly Hades!!! it's hot outside!!!
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Emily said...

My naughty summer activity is playing hooky from work every so often. :-)

booklover0226 said...

Great excerpt. I'm adding this to my must have list.

Favorite naughty summer activity...skinny dipping!

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Author Michelle Hughes said...

So glad I found your blog, it's phenomenal! Looking forward to some hot reads and you've got plenty to offer!

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Man that was one HOT excerpt. I'm going to have to get Unwrapped. I'm now a blog follower.
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Karla Doyle said...

Pick me, Cari! :)

I followed your blog & you can absolutely add me to your newsletter list, because you know I love your books. Haven't read them all yet, but summer's only just begun, and that's my favorite time to read hot books.

Loved this excerpt--it deserved the win in the Good Smut Event. :)


StacieD said...

Skinny dipping at night is my favorite naughty Summer activity.

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Rae M. said...

Hmm, you know I don't think I really have a naughty summertime activity. I'm so not a summer person.

Although I suppose reading excerpts like that could definitely qualify as a naughty activity! I definitely see why it was at the top of the list!

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Anne said...

Spending even more time on muyself because I tend to read more in the summer.

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Sound like fun

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Anas Attic Sexy Tales and Toys said...

Hot excerpt! Unfortunately, summer puts a major crimp in my sex life. Kids are home. When kids are at school is usually our fun time because we both work at home. Sleep outs can't happen enough!

If the excerpts are hot like that, I'll take a newsletter!

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La Crimson Femme said...

1) Become a follower of the blog - Done!

2) Leave a comment with your email addy telling me what your favorite naughty summer activity is...even if your naughty guilty pleasure is just eating a pint of double fudge chunk in front of the TV!

My favourite summer activity is working naked from home. No one knows I answer conference calls and work naked. HEHEHE

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jessiel said...

Wow! The excerpt left me thinking that I might be running a temperature. I'm adding this book to my summer TBR list. Favorite naughty activity - fantasizing while sunbathing by my pool about being awaken by two hot, hard men touching me. Yes, I'm interested in your newsletter.

Tanya said...

Apparently a lot of us have the same activity inthe summer, reading our steamy books in the AC.
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Landry Breaux said...

Thank you for that excerpt from your book, it certainly makes one want to read the whole thing. I agree with others, reading these stories are about as naughty as I get. But maybe one day opportunity & inspiration will combine to create something worthy of writing about. Until then,.... Thanks for the give-a-way too!

BLHmistress said...

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Favorite naughty night's past time is curling up with a goooood book and a glass of wine. Of course my date BOB might make an appearance but not always.
Loved the tease. Definitely am signing up for your site.
Thanks for participating and thanks to Skye Warren for hosting.

flchen1 said...

Reading a hot book with a cool drink in hand... if DH happens to be nearby, that might work out nicely, too :)

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Anonymous said...

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Eva's Flowers said...

Been following you for a while, that made me sound like a stalker! I have a couple of your books in my TBR pile. You have such hot looking covers for your books, I love just staring at them ;)


Vanessa N. said...

Great excerpt. I guess it would be taking a midnight skinny dip in the pool.

BookAttict said...

Awesomely HOT excerpt! I LOVE menages!

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Shadow said...

Congrats on being voted #2 sexiest scene! Very awesome! And that is one hot scene! Those are two hot ass men and one really, really lucky lady! My favorite summer activity, reading smutty books, eating chocolate and playing in the rain! :) Thanks for sharing and for the fun hop! And thank you for the awesome giveaway!
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Emily said...

My fave naughty summer activity? Reading smutty novel (especially those with two guys) while eating a decadent dessert (even though it’s bad for me), and lounging in bed.


bn100 said...

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Catherine Lee said...

I've been a GFC follower for a while (Catherine). My naughty summer fun is ice cream. My hubby is out of town and I've been consoling myself with my own menage: me & Ben & Jerry.
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DarkBloodyVamp said...

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mimirose41209 said...

my most favorite guilty please is the just do nothing but catch up on shows I had taped on the DVR. working 2 jobs means that I end up watching mini marathons of my shows on my days off!

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mimirose41209 said...
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Anonymous said...

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