Six Sentence Sunday, No Flowers Required style pt 1

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Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, No Flowers Required style! No Flowers Required, book 2 in the Love Required series, just released last week so I'm excited to be kicking of its 1st Six Sentence Sunday post. Plus NFR's gorgeous cover is on the Six Sentence Sunday site for September! Woot! :D Hope you enjoy!

Abruptly, Alexa stopped in front of an open apartment door and widened her eyes. Who was that? 

A man wearing tight jeans and a black T-shirt stretched tight over a taut back meant for fingernail marks knelt in the middle of an apartment with a floor plan just like hers, methodically ripping up strips of the laminate. He faced away from her, which gave her the perfect opportunity to study the bunch and flex of muscles in his sinewy forearms. He wore some sort of copper cuff around one wrist, and a tattoo flashed  from under the sleeve on his other arm. She couldn’t  make out what the tat was, but one thing she could discern with no trouble at all--beefcake boy had a hell of an ass.

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Jessica Subject said...

Nice back and ass - Sounds perfect. :)

Congrats on the new release!

Linda Morris said...

Ah, working man hero. Love those. Congrats on the release!

Stephanie Ingram said...

Oooh ahh... I could spend my Sunday in that doorway. ;-)

Bratty Adaline said...

I LOVE the back described as 'meant for fingernail marks'! Very hot! :)