Growing The Seeds...

I'm a pantser, not a plotter. So much so that when my CP Tara heard me comment on some writing software that looked intriguing to me, she wondered where the real Cari had gone. I don't fill out character sheets. I don't do notecards. Rarely do I even take notes. Something about actually writing information down in a semblance of the fashion I intend to use it in...well, it makes the muse run screaming. I'm okay with compiling research links and webpages, but anything that shouts school doesn't work for me. I wish it did. I have several UF ideas to plot and someday I'd love to write a historical. But until I get over my plot-o-phobia, those books are going to be hard for me to write. I will, someday. I like to meet challenges. But I'm not there yet.

In the meantime, I think. And think some more. I always claimed I didn't plot, just sat down at the computer and wrote whatever came to me. Not so. Lately I've been stalling on some projects I'm excited to write and I finally realized that's because I hadn't thought them out long enough. I had some pieces of the puzzle, but not enough of them. When I finally realized what was missing, the words started pouring out of me.

Which are you? Plotter? Pantser? Hybrid? Or do you think reading is all the joy you need?


New Contract!

On Friday, my new editor at TWRP's Scarlet Rose line, Diana Carlile, let me know she wants to contract the followup to Full Disclosure. Much squeeing commenced in my corner of the universe. ;) Once I have a confirmed title and more information to share, I'll post it here.

Here's the tentative blurb:

As the webmistress for one of the Northeast’s hottest dating sites, Hunk Du Jour, Jenny Talbot is no stranger to reading the applications of potential clients. But when the latest application that crosses her inbox belongs to the guy she broke up with a mere twenty-seven days ago, Ty Randall, she does a double take. Reading what Ty wants in bed doesn’t only get her hot, it also makes her rethink ending their relationship. All she longed for was a little more spice—okay, a lot more spice—in the bedroom, but he let her go without an argument. Now she’s determined to get him back once and for all. But will telling Ty exactly what she needs allow her to finally experience ultimate pleasure or will she drive away the man she loves for good?

I'm excited to dive into edits and see this one on the virtual shelves. Jenny and Ty aren't necessarily the "typical" couple you'd find in an erotic romance and I really hope their story is well-received.

I'm also thrilled to not be a one-trick pony, LOL. Ever since Full Disclosure's release, I've longed for another contract. Sometimes you can't help wondering if you'll ever release another book. Nothing is guaranteed in this business, that's for sure. But I'm very happy with where I am at the moment and intend to keep striving for more.

Now bring on the bubbly!


WC's Book of the Week

Yes, I know it's Saturday, and therefore the week's almost over. Huge thanks to everyone who voted for me last weekend and an extra special thanks to all my awesome friends who helped me wrangle up votes - especially Tara, Tresca, Lynne, Jaime, Shelly and Rosalie. You guys rock!

And now if it wasn't cool enough to win Best Book of the Week, now my amazing friends JA Saare and Lia Slater are up for the honor THIS week! I'm so not surprised, since I loved both Lia's Off Limits and Jaime's Dead, Undead or Somewhere in Between. Such a hard choice...but please vote Saturday and Sunday!

Happy weekend!