Six Sentence Sunday...Provoke Me style, part deux

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Since Provoke Me released this week - find the blurb, an excerpt and the buy link HERE - I figured I'd tease you a bit more. So what do you think? Think Spencer's hanging out where he shouldn't be? ;)

The car in Lan’s parking space looked awfully familiar.

“Kel, what’s the problem?”

Kelly swallowed, acknowledging it was silly to consider it might be him. There was absolutely no chance her straitlaced boss would hang out at a down-and-dirty, illegal sex club.

“Nothing.” It couldn’t be Spencer, and that was that.

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Provoke Me Release Day Contest!

Tomorrow Provoke Me book 2 in my Unveiled series at Ellora's Cave is being released. The blurb and buy link are HERE and an excerpt is HERE.

I adore Kelly and Spencer and hope readers do too. To whet your appetite a bit, I'm posting a never before shared, HOT excerpt below AND holding a contest.

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Now for some heat... WARNING: 18 and over only

Spencer tugged up Kelly's dress and skimmed the pads of his fingers over her bare, hairless mound. Sweet hell, she was just as ready as he’d known she would be. Her orgasm must’ve barely taken the edge off. He slid in one finger, hesitated only briefly before adding a second. Fuck, she was tight. She was also as hot as liquid fire, searing his hand.

His erection swelled even more as he sped up his strokes. She moaned, loudly and without restraint, squeezing him with her inner muscles. As responsive as she was, she’d be incredible in bed. In his bed. If they made it that far.

With every touch, her whimpers intensified. Leaning in to engulf her lips with his, to swallow those breathy moans, would be so easy. Like sticking his head under water and letting himself drown.
In some ways, he’d been drowning since the first day he’d looked at her. Damn ironic he’d fought so hard only to end up in the place he’d tried to avoid.

She cried out as he pumped into her more deeply, cried out again when his fingers curved. As her walls tightened around him, he stopped, not wanting her to orgasm yet. She moaned when he drew his fingers free with a sensuous twist, her cunt squeezing to keep him wedged inside her.

Her need fragranced the air. She smelled amazing. What would she taste like? His hand stopped halfway to his mouth, saliva already pooling for a sample.

Her knowing little smile goaded him into pulling his keys out of the ignition and slamming out of the car. Christ, she might as well have taunted him.

You tried to resist me and you failed.


Six Sentence Sunday...Provoke Me style

Since the second book in my Unveiled series, Provoke Me, is releasing this Wednesday, June 22nd, I thought I'd share six sentences from my upcoming release. Read the blurb and an excerpt HERE.

In this scene, Kelly walks in her boss Spencer's office and finds him in what she thinks may be a compromising position...

"Leigh is my employee.” Spencer didn’t add as are you, but she heard the implication just the same. 

Kelly lifted a shoulder, let it fall. “When I came in here, I assumed—”

“Assumptions are dangerous. Didn’t anyone ever teach you that?”

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