Six Sentence Sunday

It's that time again! And this week, it's the Easter Sunday edition. Unfortunately I don't have any bunnies hopping about in this six sentence post, but you can pretend, right?

Since a few of you last week were interested in the identity of the man who appeared onstage as part of the exotic dancing show in Conquered (which is in edits this week, wahoo!) my m/f erotic contemporary novella, I figured I'd tease you all with just a bit more.

There was the requisite fireman, scientist—in flapping lab coat, no less—and construction worker. Bringing up the rear were a boxer and a cop. The cop so couldn't dance . He kept watching the other guys and trying to mimic their moves but it was pretty much a lost cause. Not only did he have two left feet, they were both broken.

What he did have was a yummy body.

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First of all, the winner of Chloe Cole's backlist book is...June M.! June, Chloe will be in contact soon to find out which book you would like!

Now for the Easter Hopping blog hop winners...first, the winner of any ebook of your choice from my backlist is...Belinda! And the winner of an ebook copy of Reveal Me now and Provoke Me later this year when it's released is...Library Lady! I'll be in contact shortly to get you your books.

Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by and commenting! There will be more contests coming up soon and of course, tomorrow's Six Sentence Sunday. Hope you'll stop by in between the hopping and easter egg collecting. Have a great holiday!


Tempting Trent with Chloe Cole...and GIVEAWAY!

Today's the release day at Ellora's Cave for Tempting Trent by Chloe Cole. Check out that sexy, gorgeous cover! I'm new to Chloe's work (she also writes under the name Christine Bell) but I'm already a huge fangirl. Chloe has such a fun, sexy voice that I can't wait to read this one!

Now for the contest! Check out the blurb for Tempting Trent and click on the link to read the excerpt then leave a comment for a chance to win an ebook from Chloe's backlist!

Sequel to Naughty Godmother.

As far as Naughty Godmothers go, Mila is the cream of the crop. She’s never met a man she couldn’t seduce. When she sees emotionally wounded army Ranger Trent Beauford, she knows deep down she’s just the fairy to mend his broken heart and reawaken his dormant passion. The question is, will she be able to let him go once her job is done?

Trent Beauford’s wife is dead and she’s not coming back. It’s been two years, and life without her is still hardly worth living. So when the sexiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on propositions him, he manages to say no…the first time. But his neglected libido can only stand so much. If he’s going to give in to the grinding need—and he is—he’s going to make it count.

Want to find out more about Chloe Cole/Christine Bell? Visit her site HERE.

Tempting Trent sounds awesome, doesn't it? Leave a comment for your chance to win your choice from Chloe's backlist! And come back Saturday to find out my winners of last weekend's Easter blog hop!


Six Sentence Sunday (Easter blog hop still going on as well!)

Looking for the Easter Hopping blog hop? Check out the post just below this one for an excerpt of Provoke Me and how to be entered to win one of two prizes!

It's that time again for Six Sentence Sunday! This week, think I'll share six sentences from my current m/f contemporary erotic novella, Conquered. This one's almost finished!

Guys gyrating in the half-nude were not what Emma considered a crucial ingredient for a fun night—unless they were giving a private, horizontal show. But a line of them parading about in their banana hammocks? It didn’t turn her on. In fact, it was downright degrading. And seedy. 

And holy crap, who was he?


Easter Hopping Blog Hop

Woohoo! It's finally here! So excited to participate in this rockin' blog hop! Hope you have fun wandering around the blogsphere and checking out everyone's blog. Best of all, enjoy all the PRIZES!

I have TWO PRIZES up for grabs. One random commenter will receive any digital book from my backlist they would like. The other prize is a copy of my EC ebook Reveal Me (or another ebook from my backlist if you already have it) and ALSO a copy of the next book in my Unveiled series, Provoke Me. Provoke Me hasn't been released yet and I'm not sure when it will be, but it should be sometime this year. So you'll get Reveal Me now and Provoke Me later, just as soon as I receive my digital author copies. Sound good?

All you have to do to win is leave a comment AND become a follower of the blog. One random winner for each prize. The winner will be announced sometime next week.

And before you go, here's an unedited excerpt of Provoke Me to get you hopping... WARNING: over 18 over please!

“Where do you live?” Kelly asked, her gaze on her lap. It was a cop-out but at least she hadn’t climbed out and run into her building.

Spencer took so long to answer she began to think he wouldn’t. Her cheeks burned but other parts of her ached with need. She made herself look at him, shocked to realize he was already watching her.

Without thinking, she reached out to grip his hair and yanked his face to hers. Somewhere in the back of her mind she registered his hands never left the wheel, though his fingers wound through the spokes and held on as her tongue licked at the seam of his mouth. He didn’t open for her, didn’t give an inch, but she’d be damned if she would back off now when she could finally taste the whiskey on his breath. 

She pressed harder, sliding her body against his as much as she was able to in the tight confines of the Acura’s front seat. This close, his cologne inflamed her senses, deepened from the hint of musk she inhaled with every breath. His chest rose and fell in rapid beats, proving he wasn’t unaffected.

If his arousal was leftover from earlier, so be it. He would remember who had started this, and who would finish it.

Her gaze traveled between his legs and she inhaled a shaky breath. Luckily he’d idled near the door and a thin shaft of light illuminated just what she needed to see. His khakis bulged around his hard-on. For her or Nina? Right now, she didn’t care.

She palmed his cock and released a soft moan as she tightened her hold around his hard length. Feeling victorious, she scraped her nails over him and watched the change in his expression. From wariness to desire to that same speculation she’d noted earlier in his office. As if he were gauging her.

This was one test she would ace. She had to.

Pressing her advantage, she rolled her thumb along the ridge around the head of his erection while she nibbled on his lower lip. She yearned to feel his tongue in her mouth, his wide fingers pinching her nipples rather than digging holes in the steering wheel. His steely control as she continued her dual assault stunned and thrilled her, making her even more desperate.

God, what would it take to make him blow?


Ready to Rock? Interview with Olivia Cunning, author of Rock Hard

I have a confession...and it's not much of one to anyone who knows me. I LOVE Olivia Cunning's books. The woman is a freaking goddess! Her Sinners group isn't a fictional band to me. When I open the pages of Backstage Pass or Rock Hard (both books I devoured in a couple days and will be reading again) I feel like I have stepped into their world, and man oh man, I never want to leave. Fun, sexy, emotional, these books take you on one heck of a rollercoaster ride! And best of all? There's more to come! Rock Hard, book 2 of the series, just released and there are still 3 more books left to go (and dammit, I want them all now!) So if you haven't read them yet, what are you waiting for?

Okay, fine, I probably should try the soft sell first. Check out my interview with the very fab Olivia below and then run and not walk to your nearest print or e-tailer, because seriously, these books will rocket to the top of your TBR! And psst, for a limited time, Backstage Pass is FREE on Kindle. FREE! That's one sweet deal. Though just so you know, Sed is MINE. Yes, Cari SuxSedInHerDreams.

1. I loved Backstage Pass. Actually no, that's a lie. I ADORED Backstage Pass. I'm totally a music junkie and as much as I loved Myrna and Brian, what I enjoyed most was the interaction among the band members. Which band member did you come up with first?

Brian Sinclair, the lead guitarist. I didn’t intend for the book to lead to a series when I first started writing it. I knew I wanted to write about a lead guitarist and a professor who was studying groupies. The first scene that came to me was of this rock star drunk out of his mind in a hotel lounge and the professor (Dr. Myrna Evans) recognizing him. Then I wondered why he was drunk. Was he just having a good time? Nope, he’d just had his heartbroken. Why? He’d caught his girlfriend messing around with the lead singer. Oh look, Sed Lionheart, lead singer springs into the scene. And Brian is pissed at him. I don’t remember who came (*Freudian slip*) after that. The rest of the band were just sort of there and giving each other a hard time. About half way through writing Backstage Pass, I decided each of the guys of Sinners needed a book. Luckily, my publisher agreed.

2. Some of my best friends are very big fans of a certain group (*cough* Bon Jovi *cough*) and I'll admit I find the psychology behind “groupies” fascinating. I've read a little about your inspiration for the series but I'd like to hear more about it. Is it true groupies were what initially gave you the idea to write about the Sinners? (Though I think you called them “slutty girls” somewhere, LOL)

I was at an Avenged Sevenfold concert and the roadies were tearing down/setting up the stage between the opening band and the headliner. I love to people watch at concerts. So I watch these two “slutty girls” (if that’s what you want to call them) following this roadie around and trying to coerce him into a backstage pass. They were seriously harassing the poor guy. So I started wondering why they wanted to get backstage so badly. Meet the band? Party with the band? Sleep with the band? Did they think maybe one of the band members would fall in love with them? Man, someone needs to study the psychology of these women. *bing* Well, hello plot idea. Welcome to my brain.

3. Is Jace really as naughty as he seems? And yes, I need to know this ahead of time since there's no release date yet for the Sinners third book and I can't wait!

Jace? He’s a maniac in bed. His favorite game is to restrain his lover and make her beg. Not with pain (he likes to receive pain, but doesn’t like to inflict it), but by pleasuring and teasing her until she can’t take any more.

4. Do you have a favorite member of the band? I'd also say can you guess mine but since I've salivated all over your blog posts enough, it'd be an easy guess!

I love them all. I’m not saying that because I’m afraid I’ll hurt their feelings (they are fictional, after all). They’re all so different. I like variety. I love them for different reasons. Brian for his romantic streak. Sed for his possessiveness. Jace because he’s wounded and I want to fix him. Eric because he’s fun and loving. And Trey because he’s so comfortable in his skin and it’s some mighty sexy skin. So, who’s your favorite, Cari? And why?

Oh man, this is easy! Mostly, LOL. It's definitely Sed...lead vocalists are sexy. Especially growly, possessive lead vocalists that would move heaven and earth to get the woman they love to fall for them again. (Like that would be a problem...) But now that I've gotten my dose of Sed in book 2, I'm ready for Eric's book. He's fun and quirky and I can't wait to see the smart talker get brought down hard by a woman. Yep, I'm a sadist and I admit it! :D ~ Cari

5. jerks. Yeah, there's a phrase to cause some blushing. Do you find it easy to write about things that some people might be shocked to even read about?

Actually, it was a circle suck. LOL! (*Cari has to note here: what I type when at work doesn't count because it's always being written under possible threat of discovery! LOL) It doesn’t embarrass me to write about shocking things. It’s just a book. It’s fiction. It’s not biographical. I don’t have a circle suck party in my living room for research or anything. Hiding behind a pen name helps. Few people I interact with on a daily basis know that I’m an author. If they do know, I don’t let them read my books. I’d probably get embarrassed if they knew what I write. My grandmother read my book and said she needed some clarification on some of the “terms”. Uh, yeah. THAT was embarrassing. I never did clarify any terms for her.

6. What are you working on now?

I’m writing the final book in the Sinners on Tour series. Trey’s book. As soon as that’s done, I have a lot of editing and rewriting to do on the last three books of the series. A LOT of editing! I’m not a fan of editing... I’m also writing an epilogue to Backstage Pass. It includes Brian and Myrna’s wedding and their wedding not. It will be available soon. I’m self-publishing that one.

Thanks so much for visiting, Olivia! It's been so much fun! And when Olivia claims her rightful place on the New York Times bestseller list, we'll all have spoken and told publishers what we REALLY think about that old axiom that rock star heroes never sell!

Now it's your turn. Show Olivia or the boys some love...just as long as you remember Sed's mine. Hmm, wonder if I can get a subliminal track to run when someone clicks on the blog...

Want to get Backstage Pass FREE? You know you do! Go HERE. And then since I know you'll need to read Rock Hard right after, you can find it HERE.

Visit Olivia at her website HERE and her blog HERE. Or check out Sinners amazing band site HERE.


Six Sentence Sunday

Yep, it's that time again! This week I'll share six sentences from my upcoming m/f erotic contemporary Ellora's Cave release, Provoke Me.

Kelly bit the inside of her cheek and nodded, affixing a perfectly angelic smile to her face. If he wanted subservient, he’d get it. Whatever worked to net her the ultimate goal. Whether that was a position in management or her hands on Spencer’s naked body—or both—she wasn’t sure.

Her good sense warned her to avoid both possibilities. Sometimes sense didn’t win. 

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Provoke Me's cover!

Here it is! I've had this cover for a few weeks but I haven't had a chance to show it off yet! Provoke Me's book 2 in the Unveiled series at Ellora's Cave. This book is about Reveal Me's heroine Alana's best friend Kelly (AKA the girl who got left at Kink, the sex club.) Kelly and Spencer's story takes place almost as much in a bookstore as it does the sex club, hence the books on the cover which fit the story perfectly.

Below is the tentative blurb...I cannot wait till this book is released!

Sometimes being provoked to the extreme can give you exactly what you need, provided you survive the fight...

Kelly Crossman's life is focused on the bookstore she manages, and sex fits into the running tab of potential candidates she keeps on her PDA. Relationships are not on her radar but there's one man who pushes all her buttons, mentally and physically—her boss, Spencer Galvin.

As The Book Nook launches their biggest expansion, Spencer is determined to fight his desire for Kelly. For years they've bumped heads and generated sparks, all for the sake of the store they both love. But now that Kelly's turning up the heat, Spencer doesn't know how much longer he can resist her sexy onslaught. Because there's more than one reason why their getting together is too complicated...

When Kelly and Spencer unexpectedly meet up at a sex club, all the rules go out the window. Suddenly there's only way this match of wills can end—naked, preferably all night long. Except in this battle for sexual supremacy, there can be two winners. And two losers, when their stubbornness leads to the very thing each dreads most.

Stop back for Six Sentence Sunday...and be sure to swing by on Monday, April 11th when Olivia Cunning, amazing author of Backstage Pass and Rock Hard, stops by to answer a few questions! I love her books like you can't freaking believe (total fangirl moment!)


Six Sentence Sunday

My second week doing Six Sentence Sunday and I decided to post a bit more from one of my current works in progress, All She Wants for Christmas, a m/m/f erotic contemporary. Hope you enjoy!

"You have a mirror above the bed!"

But not just a mirror. It was shaped like a sun, each ray a sliver of glass surrounding a center circle. It wasn't as classless as the usual ceiling special. Of course not. Even Tristan's implements of sexual pleasure were artfully sensuous.

Also, the winner of the giveaway from my Mari Carr/Jayne Rylon interview is Cathy M! Cathy, I'll be sending your Samhain gift certificate soon. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!