Welcome SFR author Kaye Manro!

Please welcome my friend Kaye Manro! Her first SFR romance debuted on May 13th and she's been on a whirlwind blog tour. I really appreciate her taking the time to stop by my blog to answer a few questions.

Thank you, Cari for having me as a guest on your blog! It really is a joy to be here. We talked about this back in January and I’m finally here!

Cari: First tell us about Forbidden Love! (Great title!).

Kaye: Forbidden Love is actually an erotic romance woven inside a science fiction sub-genre. The story takes place on a distant planet similar to Earth, called Terrain. The hero, T’Kon is from a planet of advanced beings. He is on a peaceful survey mission when his spacecraft crashes into the surface. Of course, heroine Maya is nearby and gives him aid. Along the way, a very sexy encounter ensues.

Cari: What was your inspiration?

Science Fiction inspires me. I love all the different creative aspects and world building you can do with a SF base. This story really flowed naturally for me when I decided to write Forbidden Love as erotic romance. It just came out so easily!

Cari: I've never read much Sci-Fi. What would you say to encourage me to give it a read?

Kaye: Sci-fi, or in this case Sci-fi romance (SFR) is the element that gives Forbidden Love its basic structure. (just as paranormal or contemporary does in other stories) First and foremost, Forbidden Love is an erotic romance, and it opens in the midst of a social taboo. I’ll share a bit of what multi-published author, Catherine Bybee said after reading Forbidden Love: 

“…Sci fi isn't really my thing but maybe I need to rethink that after reading [Forbidden Love.[ Beyond the HOT factor, I  loved all the psychic links and emotional issues you brought into such a short book. It certainly made me want to read more.” ~Catherine Bybee

Cari: Do you intend to write more Science Fiction Romance (SFR) and what are you working on now?

Kaye: Besides polishing the continuing story of T’Kon and Maya (Forbidden Destiny), I’ve been deep in edits on my Medieval Time Travel series. Though these stories contain knights and castles, and a sexy medieval hero, they are a bit different. The framework is definitely SFR. The first book opens as a 23rd century heroine chases a bad guy through time with a laser blaster in one hand and a time teleport device in the other!  

Cari: Do you have a writing idol, someone whose career you've followed and really admire? What pushes you to keep going?

Kaye: I read a lot and follow many authors. But getting to my true inspiration that has to be Star Trek and Stargate. Each time I watch an episode I get ideas—for a setting, a twist, or a hero/heroine that I can create into a story.

About who keeps me going? That would be me. I also have fantastic cps as well. And believe it or not they aren’t SFR authors! In my experience, I find that creating great stories is more about producing solid and tight work with well-developed characters rather than what genre you are writing.  

Cari: And for fun - people talk about living in an "ideal world." Build your "ideal galaxy" for us. What would it consist of?

Kaye: My personal galaxy would be tranquil, with balanced societies. There would be no more wars, no more famine, and lots of love! Of course, that’s my ideal place. In truth, an author has to create lots of conflict. And I love non-stop adventure laced with action. 

In closing, I’d like to share what a local entertainment guide had to say about Forbidden Love:

 “…this short eBook, a Sci-fi romance written by local author Kaye Manro, takes  you on a comet ride of adventure with a fast pace and full emotional gamut- desire, curiosity, conflict, fear, lust, and finally love…” (J.D. Lance)

Thanks so much for stopping by, Kaye!

Intrigued? Want to read FORBIDDEN LOVE? Click on the link to buy!

To learn more about Kaye and what she’s up to, please visit her Website and Blog.


KB Alan's Bound by Sunlight!

Need something spicy to heat up your weekend? KB Alan's scorching new release from Ellora's Cave definitely sounds like it might hit the spot. ;) Gorgeous cover, too!

Warning: Explicit excerpt below

Kyriana Price has spent nearly a year trapped at her evil day job. And she does mean evil. Her boss is a mage bent on power and lets nothing stand in the way of his quest to gain more of it. When she sees Connul Graysn wielding a flogger at a BDSM club, she formulates an escape plan that will require his considerable skills—as a mage and as a Dom. Going to another mage for help might not be the best plan, but it's the only one she's got, and at this point, she's willing to try just about anything.

The last thing Connul expects when he finds an intruder in his house is that he'll soon have her chained in his bedroom, her lovely body marked by his paddle. But she's begging for his help—how can a gentleman refuse? As they learn to trust each other, he begins to realize that the only thing he's not willing to do for her is let her go.

Blazing Hot Excerpt

"You've never been bound?" he asked, picking up the straps of her tank top.

"No." It was more of a breath than a whisper, but he seemed satisfied with her answer. She felt a soft spark against her shoulders and looked down. He'd severed the straps of her top, which were left to dangle above her breasts. Magic. He'd used magic. A tiny niggle of fear tried to work its way through her. He seemed to know and brought his warm hands back to her face, tilting her head up enough that she knew she was supposed to meet his eyes. Why did she find that so difficult? She forced herself to follow his unspoken demand.

"I will not harm you tonight. Not with magic. Not with anything else. I will bring you pain, but only as much as will pleasure you. Do you understand?"

She saw patience and assurance in his eyes, wondered what he saw in hers. Shame washed through her now—that she had come to him so unprepared, unworthy. He shouldn't have to deal with a novice when he was used to those at the club. His fingers on her chin tightened.

"Do you understand?" he asked again.


He knew there was more, she could see it in his face, see him trying to figure it out. As long as he didn't ask, she wouldn't have to admit to her insecurities. He cocked his head as he studied her.

"What distressed you now?"

She wanted to look away. The feeling of easy surrender had vanished. But she had to answer him. Had to keep meeting his eyes. Not just because of the compulsion, but because she had asked for this. Asked him to help her. He deserved to have as much of her courage as she could muster.

"I'm sorry. I'm not very good at this. I don't know what to do."

"You don't have to know what to do. That's what I'm here for. You'll do what I tell you, when I tell you. Won't you?" His voice was hard, uncompromising.


"Then there's nothing for you to fail at. It's my responsibility to make sure this goes right, not yours. Your only responsibility is to tell me if I go too far." He stepped closer, allowing his heat to envelope her. She felt moisture gather in her pussy and it got a little bit harder to draw breath.

"Let's start over." He pulled her chin up higher now that he was closer to her. Her neck ached a little at the strain. It felt…good.

"Do you believe that I won't harm you, even though I have every intention of bringing you pain?"

"Yes." She didn't know why, and it might be foolish, but she believed him. It was the reason she was here.

He rewarded her with a small kiss to her lips. She opened for him but he drew away. She sighed.

"Do you believe that I will bring you pleasure?"


This time he smiled as he kissed her. She tried to chase his lips, but his hands kept her in position.

"Do you understand what you're supposed to do?"

Uh oh. What was she supposed to do? Hadn't he just told her—oh.

"Yes." Another kiss, she wanted another kiss. A real one this time, damn it.

"Tell me."

"Whatever you tell me to do." She parted her lips in preparation. She would have to be fast this time.


No kiss? What was he doing to her?

"And…umm. Oh, and use my safe word if you go too far."

"Good girl." He met her lips with his, but it wasn't gentle this time. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, taking what she had tried to take, giving what she needed. She whimpered when he pulled back.

"Tell me your safe word again."

She didn't want to, didn't want to ever say that word again. He seemed to understand.

"Choose another word. It doesn't need to be that one. Shouldn't be something you don't want to say."

"No, it's all right—"

His fingers tightened against her skin again, reminding her who was in charge. He wasn't asking. He was telling.

"I, maybe…Snowball! " God, all she could come up with was her childhood cat's name. Was he smirking at her? She narrowed her eyes at him but his face had gone expressionless again. He leaned down and gave her another quick kiss. Then he let her go, stepped back, taking his heat with him.

"If you use your safe word, I'll stop what I'm doing so we can talk about it. Don't be afraid to use it, it doesn't mean I'm going to send you away."

She managed to nod her understanding.

"You have a lovely body."

She didn't. Her size eight curves weren't quite proportioned the way she'd like and—

He smacked her ass and she jumped as much as the chains would allow, which wasn't much at all. Why she should be shocked she had no idea, but she looked at him for an explanation.

"You." He put his hands on top of her head then ran them over her face, rubbing her eyebrows, exploring her cheekbones, tickling her ears and caressing her chin.

"Have." Her skin tingled as his hands moved down her neck to her now heaving chest.

"A lovely." His fingers molded to her breasts, giving a sharp, barely painful squeeze before continuing their journey.

"Body." He reversed his hands so that his fingers led the way over the curve of her stomach to the juncture of her thighs. He folded his hands along the curve, careful not to touch the part of her that needed touching the most.

"Oh," she managed to whisper. Her whole body shuddered at his intense look and careful caress. The desire in his words and his eyes did more to relax her than anything else he could have done. She didn't realize how worried she'd been about the fact that by presenting herself to him, rather than having him choose her, she would have a hard time believing he wanted this, even a little bit.

She looked down at her top. He was running a finger down its center, from neck to hem. As his finger slid past, the fabric parted, splitting down the middle. It was almost like a breath of heat, but maybe she was imagining that. It didn't take long for the whole top to fall away.

Her naked breasts were damp with sweat, her nipples somewhat swollen. He ignored them and brought his finger to her pants, performing a similar magic to remove them in less than a minute. He took a step back, observing her dressed only in plain cotton panties. It looked as if he was fighting a smile. She tried not to blush and failed. Why hadn't she dressed up for him? She had the clothes, had been provided with the types of outfits that were supposed to entice him. Black leather, lace garters and more. Much more. It wasn't that she didn't like them, but she would have felt like a spy wearing them, like a fraud. So she'd come in the most Kyriana-like clothes she had.

He walked behind her, hooked a finger in the waistband and snapped the elastic against her skin. It didn't hurt, but it startled her. She hung her head as she tried to fight off the shame and misery working their way through her.

"Just checking to see if your name was embroidered in the back." His teasing words were spoken against her neck. She choked on her laugh as his lips moved down her neck to the top of her spine, where he bit, hard.
Mmm, want to read more? I know I do!

For more about the author, visit KB Alan's Website:


Craving some heat?

Then do I ever have the story for you! Check out that smokin' cover!

Darah Lace's Saddle Broke is sizzling hot, with characters you'll root for and tons of delicious sex. Not only that, Darah's a great writer. I'll be honest - as a former editor and current proofreader, I catch myself rewriting lines in books I read and mentally correcting mistakes. Yes, I'm that anal. ;) That wasn't an issue for me here. Darah's work flows seamlessly and the story is so fast-paced, it's over before you know it. You're left wanting more, more, more! And the best part is Darah says Evan's story is in the works, which I intend to bug her about ceaselessly until it's released!

I wasn't the only one who loved Saddle Broke, either - it's up for Book of The Week at Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews. She'd love your vote if you're so inclined.Vote here.

Now for the good stuff - the blurb and blazing hot excerpt!

Lindsey Baker knows Clay Talbot’s dirty little secret—he likes to watch, he likes to share, and he likes his sex a little on the rough side. So does she. Six years ago he was quick to brush her off for being too young and inexperienced. Now she’s back in small-town Grayson, Texas, determined to show Clay she’s all grown up and knows exactly what she wants—him.

Clay doesn’t play in his own backyard. His dark cravings are better fed at Silver House, a private fetish club where his identity is protected and his privacy respected. And where the women know the score. But Lindsey Baker pushes all the right buttons and he soon finds himself torn between keeping her at the edge of his world and dragging her into it.

Saddle up for a smokin’-hot turn between two cowboys who like a little twist with their ride.

Want an excerpt? I know I do! This is from the beginning of Saddle Broke, one of the hottest opening scenes I've read...well, ever!

Warning: Explicit excerpt

 I’m all grown up and I know what I want.

Clay Talbot tipped back the Stetson he wore low on his forehead and glanced from the cryptic message on the bar napkin to the longneck beside it, then to the waitress who’d delivered both.

She shrugged and, with a nod toward the bar, turned to leave. “Compliments of the lady.”

His gaze swung to the bar. The lady was hard to miss, dressed all in red, from the leather bustier and miniskirt to high-heeled western boots. Straight blonde hair, streaked with highlights, fell over her shoulder to caress the curve of her breasts—a full D cup if he was any judge.

“Someone you know?”

Lifting the cold beer to his lips, he took a sip and looked at his friend across the table. “Appears that way.”

“I don’t think she’s someone you’d forget.”

Clay didn’t either. He glanced at the note again, hoping the words would trigger a memory, but the flowery red script only teased him. As surely as the woman who’d written it.

How had he failed to notice her arrival? From the dimly lit corner table, he was able to watch the entrance, the bar and the dance floor. It was a quiet night, not much here to hold his interest. Not that there ever was. He’d only agreed to come out tonight to meet Evan for a drink as he passed through town on the way back to Houston. Clay should have been back at the ranch, catching up on paperwork.

The blonde lifted her beer in a silent toast, and he answered by tilting her offering to his lips for another long draw. He set the bottle down and swept his hand toward the empty chair to his right.

She slid off the stool and sauntered toward him, hips swaying with each confident stride. Her firm breasts bounced slightly in the shallow cups. Long, toned legs, golden brown like the rest of her, ate up the distance between them.

A sultry smile played on her lips as she stopped in front of him, legs braced shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. “Hello, Clay.”

He thrust his chin at the napkin. “Guessing we’ve met before?”

“You don’t recognize me?”

“Should I?”

“No, I suppose not. It’s been a long time.” She pivoted toward Evan, her finger trailing the edge of the table. “What’s your name, cowboy?”

“Evan McNamara.” Evan’s gaze dropped to her fingers as they left the table to continue their path up his forearm and over the rolled cuffs of his white dress shirt. She settled behind him, her hands on his shoulders.

Over the top of his head, her sky blue eyes, fringed with black lashes, locked on Clay’s. “Are you two good friends, Evan?”

Clay sensed Evan’s questioning gaze but remained focused on the woman behind him. Something about the way she smiled, or was it the tilt of her eyes, stirred a memory he couldn’t quite grasp.

Evan nodded. “Yeah, I’d say we’re good friends.”

Her smile widened as she bent at the waist and slid her arms around Evan’s neck. Her breasts threatened to spill from the bustier, and lush red lips brushed his ear. “Then you probably share lots of,” her tongue flicked the lobe, “secrets.”

Clay’s cock hardened beneath the fly of his jeans. Whoever she was, she knew which buttons to push. He hadn’t been able to get into Houston or his club in over two months, and Clay didn’t play in his own backyard.

Grayson was a small town and the people in it wouldn’t understand the games his deviant appetite demanded. His cravings were better fed at Silver House, a private fetish club where his identity was protected by those who understood his needs and respected his privacy.

Slender fingers fluttered over Evan’s chest, red nails contrasting with the white cotton. Clay’s imagination flared. His pulse hitched up a notch. Would she be willing to take on the two of them?

She murmured something in Evan’s ear, causing his eyes to spark with interest, then she straightened and veered around the table, making her way toward Clay.

“You from around here?” He didn’t think so. He knew everyone in town. Still, she seemed familiar. Maybe from his club. He hadn’t partnered her. He’d remember that. But he could have seen her with another member.

Her hip grazed his shoulder as she wove behind him. Clay tensed, anticipating her touch, and wasn’t disappointed. Her arms slid around his neck, the same as they had Evan’s, and she ducked her head under the brim of his hat. Warm breath tickled the side of his neck. “I am now.”

“What’s your name?”

“Mmm, I think I’ll hang on to that secret for a while.” Her fingers crept over his abs but stopped short of his belt buckle. “So, what do you think, Clay?” Her tongue lapped at the skin behind his ear, sending a spear of heat to his groin. “Would you like to watch him fuck me? Or would you rather watch me suck his dick?”

Intrigued? Buy Saddle Broke here and visit Darah's website here.


The Demon In Me's Release Day!

It's finally here! I was lucky enough to get a chance to read this book early, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Darrak is definitely one of my favorite heroes.

I figured I'd share my Goodreads review to encourage you to go buy. ;) Seriously, a funny, hot, delicious read!

Happy release day, Michelle!

The Demon in Me (Living in Eden, #1) The Demon in Me by Michelle Rowen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Possessed by The Demon In Me!

Or should I say obsessed, mesmerized, entranced...any and all of those adjectives apply!

I've been a big fan of Michelle's work since her first book, Bitten & Smitten. Since I loved the Immortality Bites series, color me a bit skeptical that she could write a hero I liked as much (or even a wee bit more) as IB's Thierry de Bennicoeur. I was wrong. Darrak, the demon who does the possessing (and the occasional ass kicking and/or romancing, as the situation warrants) in The Demon In Me is my favorite Rowen hero yet. Even though he has his angst - hello, demon - he has a sense of humor about the situation he and Eden find themselves in. He doesn't take himself too seriously and he's also pretty direct about who and what he is, though he dispenses the truth in manageable doses for the confused human who ends up being his earthly vessel.

Eden's..refreshing, for a lack of a better word. Smart and self-aware, she's a character I loved spending time with. I very much related to what she was going through, as impossible as that sounds. You can't help but root for her to somehow find her improbable happy ending with the demon who's possessed her. But all's not as it seems with Eden, and I can't wait to find out more about her backstory in the next book.

The scenes between Eden and Darrak sizzle, but I also laughed out loud - at work, no less - several times. Rowen writes great romantic comedy, but the subject matter definitely isn't all sunshine and roses. This is paranormal romance at its finest and the action is non-stop. Don't expect to have time to sleep or eat once you start this book, because I sure didn't. I sucked the story down so fast that October and Something Wicked seem VERY far away. A truly excellent start to what I know will be a fantastic series!


Welcome Kait Nolan!

Please welcome Kait Nolan, debut author of Forsaken by Shadow, to my blog today. I met Kait on Twitter and I enjoy following her writing progress. And look at that gorgeous cover!

As part of her ongoing blog tour for the month of May, Kait wrote up a fabulous post about the age-old question all of us writers are asked so often. Feel free to weigh in about where YOUR ideas come from!

I’ve been talking a lot to readers lately asking about what they want to hear about on writers’ blogs.  We all typically talk about writing (big shock), which is great for networking with other writers but isn’t always the most interesting for readers.  The overwhelmingly consistent question that keeps popping up is “Where do you get your ideas?”

I don’t know about other writers, but I hate this question.  Not because I find it annoying but because I find it incredibly difficult to answer in any way that readers find satisfying.  Because the short answer is: everywhere.  News reports.  Discovery Channel.  Science Channel.  National Geographic Channel.  Spike TV (yes, I’m serious—I watch a lot of shows like Deadliest Warrior, Fight Science, Fight Quest, and the like—they really help with fight scenes and make the hubs happy).  Anything goes, especially when you write paranormal and don’t have to take things literally.

Occasionally the inspiration will have an obvious and direct connection with the outcome.  For example, a few months back when I saw that news report about that football player Michael Vick who was arrested for dog fighting, my immediate response (after a choice diatribe of cursing and opinions on the fact that they ought to leave his punishment to the dogs—the jerk), was an idea about how one of the illegal sports in my paranormal world would be werewolf fighting.  That somehow the wolves would be in collars that would keep them from shifting back, and they’d be kept in an animal state and forced to fight.  Talk about a new definition of bloodsport

Other times, there’s no logical connection to the outside observer between inspiration and outcome.  I read an article about the Turritopsis nutricula, a variety of jellyfish that is biologically immortal.  No seriously, go look it up.  It’s really cool.  Well I took that idea and twisted it into an origin story for each of the major paranormal races in my world.  What do immortal jellyfish have to do with wolf shifters, vampires, fae, and other paranormal races?  Well, you’ll have to read my Mirus series to find out.  :D 

There’s also the popular eavesdropping inspiration.  You know the routine.  You’re out in public somewhere and overhear a scrap of conversation.  You probably don’t know the context, so your writer’s brain comes up with one.  I’m particularly fond of this method for the smack talk men consider banter.  

And of course you can’t forget dreams.  Would you believe the original inspiration for my return to paranormal romance was a whacked out dream in which I went to Germany to rescue a friend who’d disappeared, and while there became surrogate mother to a pack of wolf cubs?  Like actual wolf cubs.  There was this sexy wolf shifter doctor…  And he became the hero in what was supposed to be my first book in this series.  It’s actually going to be more like the third and bears no resemblance to the dream except that he’s still a sexy wolf shifter doctor, but that’s neither here nor there. 

I think readers often expect some actual logic or magic to where we get our ideas as writers. Or perhaps, since they say everyone wants to write a novel, they’re looking for some transmissible secret to success.  I guess the reality is that we look at the world just a little bit differently. 


My debut paranormal romance novella, Forsaken By Shadow, is available at Scribd, Smashwords, Amazon, and the iBookstore.  It is the first in the Mirus series.

Cade Shepherd is on top of the world as this year's Ultimate Fighting Champion. He doesn't even remember his life as Gage Dempsey, a Shadow Walker with the ability to magically transport himself from shadow to shadow. In fact, he can't remember anything before waking up in a cheap motel room ten years ago with mysterious burns on his hands--not even the woman he almost died for.

Embry Hollister has picked up the pieces of her life, learned to control her ability to generate flame, and now works an enforcer for the Council of Races. But when her father is captured by the human military and the Council refuses mount a rescue mission, Embry has no choice but to go rogue. All she has to is find the man with the new name and new life who was completely wronged by her people, give him back the memories they stole, convince him to join her on what's probably a suicide mission, and hope that after ten years of living as a regular guy he still remembers what her father taught him.

And after that, she just has to leave him. Again.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? I can't wait to read this one! Be sure to pick up Forsaken by Shadow at Scribd, Smashwords or Amazon.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, Kait! Want to find out more about her or her books? Follow Kait on Twitter or visit her webpage!