Six Sentence Sunday...Bad Kitty

It's Six Sentence Sunday! This is my first six from Friday's Halloween release, Bad Kitty. In this scene, best friends Julie and Nikki are discussing Nikki's naughty Halloween plans. ;)

Julie patted the kitty costume and arched a brow. “Now that I’ve come through so spectacularly, are you going to tell your best friend who exactly you’re intending to whip into submission?”

Nikki did her best not to fidget. “No one in particular.”

“Well, whoever it is, I hope you go gentle on him.”

“He better not count on it,” Nikki said with a snort as she yanked on the costume's tail.

Bad Kitty's blurb, excerpt and buy link are HERE (Bad Kitty is also on Amazon Kindle, with more outlets to come soon.)

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Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Ooohhh. Sounds feisty! Like it!

Graylin Fox said...

Ooooh! Love it. We get to find out who next week right?!

Cara Bristol said...

Bad kitty, indeed. Funny how liberating Halloween costumes are. Very striking, cover too!

Jessica Subject said...

Oh, very naughty and intriguing! :)

Christine Warner said... the imagery in this scene...and the snap of naughty! Nice job

Laura Kaye said...

Sexy and naughty! And that cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Dee Carney said...

Woot! She knows what she's about!

diannehartsock said...

Those kitty costumes spell trouble! Yeah for trouble. :)

Eleri Stone said...

I like her attitude.