Unwrapped's cover!

Coming 12/6 (my birthday!) to Loose Id! Isn't it gorgeous? Huge thanks to the amazing Valerie Tibbs!
Here's the tentative blurb:

Caitlyn Sachs has a great life. A family she loves, check. An incredible design job working with her best friends, Tristan and Matt, check. An amazing home she shares with the guys, double check. But her upcoming twenty-fifth birthday and the desire to shed the burden of her virginity have spurred her to consider something shocking. All she wants is one uncomplicated night with one of her best friends, no strings attached. But how can she choose?

Except there’s another problem. Tristan and Matt are already involved sexually with each other, much to Cait’s shock. And both men have long harbored feelings for Cait that go way beyond friendship. When they whisk her away for her birthday to a cabin in the mountains, she discovers the extent of their lust—and her own. The gift they give her is one she'll never forget.

But when the weekend's over, will she retreat to the safety of the status quo, if they'll even let her? Or will she finally embrace what she's secretly craved for so long?


Olivia Cunning said...

Me likey your new cover! Congrats, Cari! And the story sounds hot!

Amber Skyze said...

Love the cover, Cari. I saw it on Valerie's website. Can't wait til the story is available from LI.

Christi Snow said...

oooh, that cover is gorgeous and the story sounds lush! I can't wait!! smiles....

daydrmzzz said...

You are so blessed by the cover gods right now :D

Lori Toland said...

Oh, early Happy Birthday! :)

Can't wait to read it :)

Taryn Elliott said...

My cover lust is FIERCE!!
What an awesome way to spend your bday! ;)
Doing promo.
lol There's always one drawback.