And I'm done!

The 28 pgs. I wrote today - a new personal record - finished VT off, and me too, just about. LOL But I typed The End, and I'm only about 1,300 words over my target word count, so I'm in good shape. Those extra words will disappear fast, because I always lose a couple thousand when I revise. In a couple days, I'll set about cleaning the ms up for the last time.

Until then, I'm happy dancing! WOOOHOOO!

And to celebrate... a lil Henri. ;)


TaraLeigh said...

YAY!! I'm soooo happy for you!


SoulGirl said...

Cari - well done, I know just from your blogs what an EFFORT this has been, LOL well bloody done woman.

;)I'll def be ordering a copy.

Christina Phillips said...

Yay! Congrats on typing The End. That's always a great feeling!!

And another great feeling is oogling the delicious Henri! I mean, what motivation...sorry, drooling a bit there... I do try and behave when I visit...!

Samantha Hunter said...

Seriously, woman, just get that bugger in the mail. 1300 words is nothing, and this is killing me. JUST SEND IT. LOL


Helen Hardt said...

"The End" always feels great. Congratulations! And Henri? I'm never to busy to give him a look.

Helen Hardt said...

I meant "too" busy, LOL.

I'm not sure I've seen that photo of Henri before... What is it about a man in a tux? Or rather, a man in the middle of getting out of a tux? *sigh*

Kaye Manro said...

Congrats Cari!!! You did it!
You typed the end!!!

And what a treat to give Henri to yourself for finishing! LOL

Sarah Simas said...

Way to Go, Cari! What an awesome (and legal) high to be on! *heehee* I wish you every success.

April Vine said...

Nothing beats typing the words THE END and who better to celebrate it with then Henri!!!! Yum, yum.
Congrats, Cari, you deserve it!!!!

April Vine said...

Oops, I'll just take my e back from then and give you an a and there, THAN, that's what it should say. Waving at Helen!