Still Plugging Along...

Thanks to everyone who read and commented on the love scene I posted from Virgin Territory last week. I really appreciate the positive feedback, and I'll be sure to post another scene again soon. :)

I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted to this week, but I'm finding lots of wisdom in the old adage, "just finish the damn book!" Because I've thought I've been finished with VT before, and it turned out I wasn't, at least if I wanted a shot at selling to Blaze, the nearer I get to THE END now, the more antsy I get. I keep adding pgs to my UF, Damned, rather than working on VT, though I did do some more work on it this weekend. But the new, shiny idea has to wait until VT's done. And then there's that pesky synop and query I've yet to send to Harlequin (or even finish, LOL.) But it's a new week, and I'm staying committed to my goals. Or maybe "recommitting" is a better word.

Tomorrow, I have 2 last GH entries to judge. And yes, tomorrow's the deadline. That's me, always giving myself room to spare. Ahem.

Hopefully, this week I'll get to pass on my "Lemonade" award to 10 other deserving blogs. Gotta have a little fun around here to break up the writing drudgery! ;)

Have a good week, writing and otherwise!


Kaye Manro said...

I'm glad you're plugging along, Cari! I know what you mean about a shiny new story. And the Q/S is not so easy sometimes. Good luck this week!

Helen Hardt said...

I often switch to another WIP to break things up and release my muse. As you know, that's how Seduced in Seoul was born!

Good luck with your GH entries. I have six entries for another contest I have to judge this month.