The Lure Of The Shiny New Project...

Or in my case, three. ;) Only two that are really eating at me right now - Damned, my UF and Type Dirty To Me, the recently resurrected erotic short I'm determined to finish - but still, all these voices in my head are keeping me up at night! I've worked on no less than three projects this week, which is a lot for me. So for right now, I'm trying to silence the chatter so I can get VT out the door.

In other news...tomorrow's Friday the 13th, and I know what I'll be doing. Reading! Christina Phillips has a great new erotic release from The Wild Rose Press, Touch Of The Demon. She's doing a blog tour all over cyberspace, so I'll be partying with her in spirit. To get you warmed up, here's her book trailer.

I don't think I'd mind her demon, Rafe, touching ME anytime! ;) Happy release day, Christina!


Christina Phillips said...

LOL!!! Thanks, Cari. I wouldn't mind Rafe touching me, either!!!

Kaye Manro said...

I do know what you mean about ideas keeping you awake at night, Cari. I get that too, and usually in the middle of trying to finish up edits on another project.

And another congrats to Christina! It's good to have friends out here who lend support... to Rafe, lol.

Helen Hardt said...

LOL, I've been chasing Christina all over cyberspace today!

Buckle down and finish VT, woman, because I want to read that erotic short ;).


Amy Ruttan said...

Type Dirty to Me that's a great title.

TaraLeigh said...


Then I can just concentrate on flogging you about Gabe. *insert sunny, perfect CP smile*

I'm excited about reading Type Dirty To Me tho. ;) Oh the thoughts there.

Oh and I know you're doing this no internet thing for the weekend, but post your goals dammit! Ahem.
Carry on. ;)