Would You Write For Free?

It's the age old question. If you were told, with all certainty, that you would never be offered any monetary compensation for your writing, would you continue to do it? Why or why not?

For me, that's an easy question. Yes, I'd keep writing. I can't NOT do it. I haven't been paid yet, but I've been writing since I was a kid. Literally. My first stories were Bible stories in 2nd grade. (Yes, I went to Catholic school.) What a journey I've taken, writing-wise, since then! ;)

This week's goal: To finish VT and all its accompaniments (query & synopsis.) Since I've been promising to complete this goal for a while now, I need to get on it. I also owe my two wonderful CPs critiques.

Today I attended my local romance writers' meeting, which provided lots of food for thought. Writing workshops always get my wheels cranking. Almost as soon as the speaker starts talking, I start scribbling.

Off to accomplish some goals...


Christina Phillips said...

Ooh, cool new layout, Cari!!

Yes, I would continue to write even if I was told I'd never make any money doing it. When I don't write I get really bad tempered and twitchy, and feel like something vital is missing from my life. It's an addiction!!!

April Vine said...

Definitely, without a doubt.
I’m like Christina. I get cranky in the worst way. If it boiled down to money, I think it would be a want. I NEED to write, plain and simple.
Love the new layout, Cari.

Kaye Manro said...

I like your new layout, Cari.

Yes, I would write. I get weird if I don't write something! Money is great, but I'd write anyway.

Tonya Renee Callihan said...

When I started writing it wasn't for money it was for me. Writing is like breathing for me. I have to write something everday or I go insane. It helps me deal with everyday life. I get paid now to write, but if that stopped I would always continue to write. I want to write until the day I die.

Helen Hardt said...

Me? I do it for the money.

LOL -- just kidding! I did share with you my first royalty check, remember? I've been writing since I learned how, and I can't stop now. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to make it big. But that's a dream that may never be a reality, unfortunately. I will continue to write no matter what.

Love the new look!


TaraLeigh said...

Oooh LOVE the new layout darlin'!

I gotta say, I've never been paid, so I'm just like you. I don't think I could stop writing at this point.

WOOT on the new goals!
Sneaky girl putting it in the middle of that post. Hmmm. LOL

I'm looking forward to the updated VT so I can give it a read thru.

And I can't wait to hear about your chapter meeting. YAY!

Amy Ruttan said...

I think offering free reads is good. A way to try a new author in these difficult times.