Hope and Basketball

Thursday night, history was made in men's college basketball. #20 Syracuse University beat #4 UConn (our biggest arch rival) by 10 points in the SIXTH OT period. No, that's not a typo. ;)

I've been watching basketball regularly for about six years now, and I've seen a game go into 2 OT's maybe twice. Never seen one go into three. But SIX? That's unheard of, especially in a tournament quarterfinal between two top 20 teams.

It was an absolutely amazing, exhausting historic game, and I watched all four hours. Can't get me to sit still for a two hour movie, but a basketball game that goes until 1:20 in the morning? No problem!

Not everyone loves sports, or basketball in particular, but I think there are positive messages that anyone can take away from a game like this. First and foremost, hope is at the backbone of everything we do - from reading to writing to watching a nail-biter game. We hope to be transformed, even in some small way, by the experience. We hope that the underdog CAN win or the "mousy" girl CAN get the guy of her dreams. We hope that maybe THIS is the manuscript that will get us sold or get us noticed by that great editor or agent.

Hope is what keeps you going when you're so tired you're ready to drop. Hope is what motivates you when you're about to throw in the towel, but that little voice says, "Just one more try..."

Hope is the backbone of life.

Your destiny, in some ways, is exactly what you think it will be. Every thought and deed you choose to project brings you one step closer.

Pretty weighty stuff I got out of one terrific basketball game!

Weekly Goal Report: My goal this week is to finish VT! That is the goal. The ONLY goal. LOL I wrote 19.5 pgs this weekend, so the end's in sight. I see it, I see it... ;)


Helen Hardt said...

I can't say I follow basketball (except for my son's team, LOL) but I can totally relate to what you've said about hope. As Christopher Reeve once said, "Once you choose hope, anything's possible."

Good luck with VT!


Kaye Manro said...

Basketball is interesting. I like to watch kids I know playing.

Congrats-- your goal is in sight!