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Hope and Basketball

Thursday night, history was made in men's college basketball. #20 Syracuse University beat #4 UConn (our biggest arch rival) by 10 points in the SIXTH OT period. No, that's not a typo. ;)

I've been watching basketball regularly for about six years now, and I've seen a game go into 2 OT's maybe twice. Never seen one go into three. But SIX? That's unheard of, especially in a tournament quarterfinal between two top 20 teams.

It was an absolutely amazing, exhausting historic game, and I watched all four hours. Can't get me to sit still for a two hour movie, but a basketball game that goes until 1:20 in the morning? No problem!

Not everyone loves sports, or basketball in particular, but I think there are positive messages that anyone can take away from a game like this. First and foremost, hope is at the backbone of everything we do - from reading to writing to watching a nail-biter game. We hope to be transformed, even in some small way, by the experience. We hope that the underdog CAN win or the "mousy" girl CAN get the guy of her dreams. We hope that maybe THIS is the manuscript that will get us sold or get us noticed by that great editor or agent.

Hope is what keeps you going when you're so tired you're ready to drop. Hope is what motivates you when you're about to throw in the towel, but that little voice says, "Just one more try..."

Hope is the backbone of life.

Your destiny, in some ways, is exactly what you think it will be. Every thought and deed you choose to project brings you one step closer.

Pretty weighty stuff I got out of one terrific basketball game!

Weekly Goal Report: My goal this week is to finish VT! That is the goal. The ONLY goal. LOL I wrote 19.5 pgs this weekend, so the end's in sight. I see it, I see it... ;)


Progress 2/13-14 and Goals Ending 2/20

My Goals for this week, through 2/20

- Complete critique for one of my CPs (done)
- VT query and synopsis finished and winging their way to Toronto (not yet)

Bonus goals:
- Write/revise another 20 pgs VT (7 finished so far)
- More email organizing (need to do this desperately...)

Today, I sent off my critique to one of my CPs and wrote another 7 pages of VT. I'm almost to the point where I can paste in some pages I wrote last middle was a bit too saggy, so I've been doing some creative C&Ping. Story of my life. Tomorrow, it's synopsis time, baby!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! Here's my present to me... ;)


Progress Thursday 2/12

I haven't done anything writing-related yet today, but I will be spending some time tweaking VT and working on my CP's critique once I post this. My evening was shanghaied (if that's even a word, LOL) by an emergency trip to deliver a sippy cup to my best friend who was babysitting her niece and nephew. Kids are cute, man, but are they ever work! And I whine that writing's tough... ;)

From now on, I think I'll do my regular nightly update in my Twitter sidebar. Usually my progress comments are short and sweet, and this way I'll still be accountable without wasting valuable blog space. I'll still post my weekly goal recap and the next week's goals on Friday. I'll also do a longer post a couple times a week with my updates, especially if I have something noteworthy to say. Like, umm, if I get a publishing contract. ;) Now THAT would be worth some blog real estate, but it requires me to actually submit. Tomorrow and Saturday I'll be working on the synop and query for VT, so I expect to be posting a good progress report on how that's going soon.

Happy almost-Friday! :)


Progress Wed. 2/11

Can't believe February's almost half over! Time to get cranking!

Nine pages written so far today on VT...woot! Too bad I didn't count writing as one of this week's goals, but hey, it never hurts. Tomorrow's agenda includes completing my CPs critique, and maybe a little synopsis work. Getting some sleep continues to be an ongoing goal, too. ;)


Progress Tuesday 2/10

I'm chronically sleep deprived, but I wrote another 5 pages of VT tonight. I'm also still riding the positivity train...whoo, whoo! LOL

And so ends the shortest daily report ever. More tomorrow! :)


Progress Monday 2/9

Writing, I've missed you so! I'm getting excited again. Excited to see the end of the tunnel with VT. Excited to be making Insatiable, Blaze #2, better. Excited that my paranormal trilogy (or at least I think it will be a trilogy at this point) is up next on my plate, and I'm pretty sure some of my ideas are breaking new ground. Or breaking old ground in a way I've never seen before, anyway. ;)

Today, I turned the internet off for two hours while I wrote/revised more of VT. Wrote 3 pages of a new scene, and revised another. A good day's work, I think, considering I got all of four hours sleep last night. other big news, while searching for more pix of Henri, I discovered his 31st birthday is tomorrow. So I'm celebrating by posting a couple different photos of him (one of which I think is from a few years ago.) Enjoy! :)

Goals ending 2/13

It's a new week! Positivity, here I come!

Tara and I have switched our weekly critique night to Fridays, so this week we have less time to work on our goals. A tighter deadline, if you will. ;)

This week's goals:

- Virgin Territory synopsis and query completed and polished, in preparation for being sent to Toronto next weekend
- To complete a critique for one of my CPs
- And in the grand tradition of stealing Tara's ideas, LOL, to turn off the internet for two hours a day to either write or read for pleasure

Bonus...10 more pgs of revisions to VT


Progress Friday 2/6

More organizing today...all those old emails aren't going down without a fight! Also spent some time reviewing an insightful critique from one of my amazing CP's, which triggered yet another Q&A session. With myself. ;) Anyone who knows me knows I circle around to this particular question every few months, and maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to realize the question doesn't go away because the answer hasn't changed.

I've spent the last, hmmm...roughly two years targeting Harlequin. I've only submitted once, but I've completed, more or less, three different projects. Because I'm stubborn, I was determined that nothing would get in the way of me being published by them. Not the fact that I rarely read the line(s) I've targeted. Not the fact that "guidelines," in general, make me itchy, and despite their assertions to the contrary, Harlequin has lots of them. Especially not the fact that if I'm honest about whether I'm writing what I most like to read, the answer is no.

That's the biggie, right there.

The two Blazes I've finished (or will be finished with in the next few weeks - VT, I'm talking about you!) are, hopefully, fun, sexy, romantic stories. I love the characters in both books. I'm proud of them, and I truly hope they find homes at a publisher. But I'm beginning to think that if those stories finding a home at Blaze means more rewrites, more re-structuring of my voice and my characters, that I'm throwing good money after bad.

Yes, I'm mixing metaphors, but I'm tired. ;)

I'm ready to work on new material, and to start sending those two stories on submission. I'm ready to start earning my rejection slips like any author worth their pencils. But I'm not willing to submit one of those stories to the infamous slush, then possibly wait a year to find out my voice still isn't there yet.

Maybe it isn't there yet for that line, but I have other options. And if I continue to try to poke, prod and twist my voice into what I think will finally get me published, regardless of the outcome, I'm shortchanging myself.

Rant over. Happy Friday! :)


Thursday 2/5 Progress

None of the writing variety, but...I started the arduous task of organizing my email folders. Only 673 emails left to label, sort, respond to or delete. I actually sorted/deleted about 60 tonight, so that is real progress. (I can hear Tara laughing.)

Tomorrow's Friday...yay! Anyone got exciting plans for the weekend? I've got a CNYRW meeting and lots of writing/editing on my agenda. Oh, and sleeping in. ;)


Progress Wednesday 2/4

How a goal-setter falls off the wagon...

First, the good news. I spent some time editing VT last night after I posted. The bad? I spent way longer than 45 minutes on the internet today. When I'm tired, all my willpower goes out the window. Plus, I have trouble modifying my behavior without taking an "all or nothing" approach. The minute I allow myself a little leeway, next thing I know I'm off track. Tonight my main goal is getting some sleep, so that I can start accomplishing this week's goals. Sheesh!

And now for my much belated 6 Things That Make Me Happy list. I was tagged by my good friend Helen Hardt a couple weeks ago, and I've finally gotten around to posting my answers.

1) My family and friends
2) Sleeping in! (if I had someone to play under the covers with, that would be even better...)
3) Watching SU men's basketball...especially when we're winning!
4) Curling up with a book, preferably Jeaniene Frost's or JD Robb's latest
5) Writing (on the good days...on the bad, well, that's for another list, LOL)
6) Savoring a hot cup of coffee on a cold night

If you'd like to play along, post your own list on your blog. I'm off to watch the SU game. We neeeeed to win! ;)


Tuesday 2/3 Progress

I really hate posting that I've made no progress today, but it can't be helped. Unfortunately, the next couple days don't look promising, either. Huge rush job at the day job has sapped my energy - and my ability to type. I'm still committed to meeting this week's goals. Just need to find some time to do so. ;)

Till tomorrow...


Monday 2/2 Progress

I went out to dinner with a friend tonight, but luckily enough, I did manage to do some outlining of VT right up to the last scene. Polished synopsis here I come! :) I also spent just 45 minutes online, but man, Mondays are tough!

Ah, Henri...You soothe my soul! ;)


Saturday 1.31 Non-Progress

The title says it all. I did nada today, other than open up my document, edit a couple lines and close it. But tomorrow's a brand new month, and I'm going to have brand new determination to meet my goals.

Thanks again for everyone's kind words about Lucy. They really mean a lot.

Oh, and before I go...Harlequin is celebrating 60 years by giving away 16 FREE books. Hard to believe, huh? I downloaded one - the Blaze, shockingly - earlier this week. Every type of romance they publish is represented, so there's something for everyone. Check it out!


Finally, it's Friday

Thanks so much for the well wishes for my cat, Lucy. She passed on last night, but she had a good long life, so that's some comfort. I'm squeezing my other fur baby, Fozzie, a little tighter today.

Writing has been non-existent, but I have lots on the slate for the weekend. I don't seem to know how to take time off, but I'm going to try to take a couple hours just to sink into a book...since that is one of my weekly goals, after all. ;)

In snow news...we might get another 4-6 inches overnight, and there's a Nor'easter headed this way next week. As of January 9th, we'd had 110 inches for the season. I'm sure we've had another foot or two since then.

And I don't even ski! Maybe I should start.

To cheer myself up, here's another Henri oldie but goodie...


Off my stride...

Not the best day. One of my kitties is sick, and as she's older, probably won't make it. Add in some insurance nonsense and just general I-need-the-weekend-malaise, and I haven't accomplished much. I'm still limiting my internet time though, and tomorrow's still a new day.

At least it stopped snowing. :)


Wednesday 1.28 Progress

Had an extra long day at work - went in at 5:30AM - so my only writing progress today was to polish up yesterday's pages so I'm ready to jump back in tomorrow. Plus, I stayed off the internet. It's actually getting easier, shocking as it is for me to say. ;)

Snow's still piling up outside, and I'm off to watch my boys (SU men's basketball.) Here's a Henri repeat I can never see enough of...


Tuesday 1.27 Progress

Today I wrote another 4 pages of VT, bringing me up to 7.5 for the week. Getting closer to goal! I also did a little reading for pleasure last night – a book on improving your finances, but hey, I never said it had to be romance, LOL – and stayed off the internet all day today. Although I do admit to checking the weather forecast at work today, because we’re in the path of another ginormous snowstorm. But I don’t count that as part of my internet time, because reading that we might get another 10 inches is NOT pleasurable in my book. ;)

Okay, time to jet yet again. Later in the week, I’ll be posting six things that make me happy and tagging six others to do the same if they’d like to. That will have to wait until Friday, probably.

In the meantime, I’ll be digging out of the forty foot snowbanks. Wish me luck!


Monday 1.26 Progress

Through much persistence, I wrote three and a half pgs of VT tonight. I also drafted a mini-outline that should, hopefully, give me a blueprint right up to the final scenes. But the big story of the day is that I stayed off the internet UNTIL I finished my pages.

Which means I haven’t been online for nearly twenty-four hours.

This hasn’t happened since…uh, ‘95? Not sure, but it’s been a long time. And I only have to do it three more times this week to make that part of my goal. Whoa.

Time's up! ;)

I think I can, I think I can…


Saturday 1.24 Progress

My last bonus goal for the week was to "start roughing out VT's synopsis." I have the first and last paragraph, and one in between. Does that count, Goal Goddess Tara? I won't update the sidebar until I get your official opinion. ;)

But I also wrote 5 pages of Damned, my UF (Gabriel's story.) This one I will need to plot, unfortunately. I will also have to do it soon.

And...I wrote 1 line of VT. 1. Yes, this is a major accomplishment.

Tomorrow, I intend to do some brainstorming for next week's goals, along with more work on VT. That partial needs to be outta here sooner rather than later!

Thanks for all the encouragement this first week. I'm pretty happy I've even gotten this far. :)


Friday 1.23 Progress

Today I accomplished...nothing, writing-related, anyway. ;) But I saw Underworld: The Rise of The Lycans, which got my mind whirling! Even though I haven't seen the first two, I really enjoyed it (and promptly went out to buy the first two movies.) I've never been into werewolves, but this movie hooked me from start to finish. Of course, then I went to JCPenney and got a story idea that I'd love to pursue. So is the life of a writer. :)

Tomorrow, I will do my VT synopsis, and that'll finish my goals for the week. Till then, I'm heading to bed with the latest Kresley Cole novel. Good stuff!