Goals ending 2/13

It's a new week! Positivity, here I come!

Tara and I have switched our weekly critique night to Fridays, so this week we have less time to work on our goals. A tighter deadline, if you will. ;)

This week's goals:

- Virgin Territory synopsis and query completed and polished, in preparation for being sent to Toronto next weekend
- To complete a critique for one of my CPs
- And in the grand tradition of stealing Tara's ideas, LOL, to turn off the internet for two hours a day to either write or read for pleasure

Bonus...10 more pgs of revisions to VT


TaraLeigh said...

POSITIVE! That's the good word I want to see here. Even if we just write it down, it's gotta help!


And steal from me all you like--as long as it's not my actual words. That's plagiarism and GADS we don't want to end up with the Cassie Edwards shroud around us. Sheeeeesh! Ahem...tangent. Damn, always my issue. LOL

Shorter goal timespan for the week but we can do it!

Oh and of COURSE we ROCK!

You--Me--Mt. EVEREST!

Onward and typeward.


SoulGirl said...

Excellent -- sounds like a great week ahead! You and Tara have some very good and achievable goals this week. :) You can do it!

We all need positive right now, :)

Good luck on the VT being finished! Gah, what an achievement that will be when you get there.