Monday 2/2 Progress

I went out to dinner with a friend tonight, but luckily enough, I did manage to do some outlining of VT right up to the last scene. Polished synopsis here I come! :) I also spent just 45 minutes online, but man, Mondays are tough!

Ah, Henri...You soothe my soul! ;)


Helen Hardt said...

That man is so f****** HOT! This is a gorgeous photo; you know, sometimes you don't have to see the naked chest. Imagination is a beautiful thing.

I can't believe you're sticking to this 45 minutes a day on the internet. You rock! If I could do that, I'd get lots more done.


Tonya Renee Callihan said...

I agree, I spend 45 minutes just checking and responding to emails everyday. Then I spend another hour or two visiting and commenting on blogs.

And yes, he is a beautiful man, his eyes feel like they stare straight to your soul and he knows all of your secret desires:)

TaraLeigh said...

I've officially tried it.
You're insane! LOL! I can't do it! I managed 90mins.

Good on ya! Can't wait to see the synop!

Christina Phillips said...

Cari, huge congrats for sticking to the 45 min internet rule. I really should do something like that, I hate to think how many hours a week I spend surfing when I should be writing *sigh*

However, I consider looking at gorgeous men (and they don't come much more beautiful than *our* Henri!!!) is valid research and fully justifies my blog hopping habits!!!

Cari Quinn said...

I agree that Henri is ridiculously hot, hence my obsession with posting his pictures on a near daily basis. LOL And Christina, looking at pics of him definitely counts as research! ;)