Progress Monday 2/9

Writing, I've missed you so! I'm getting excited again. Excited to see the end of the tunnel with VT. Excited to be making Insatiable, Blaze #2, better. Excited that my paranormal trilogy (or at least I think it will be a trilogy at this point) is up next on my plate, and I'm pretty sure some of my ideas are breaking new ground. Or breaking old ground in a way I've never seen before, anyway. ;)

Today, I turned the internet off for two hours while I wrote/revised more of VT. Wrote 3 pages of a new scene, and revised another. A good day's work, I think, considering I got all of four hours sleep last night. other big news, while searching for more pix of Henri, I discovered his 31st birthday is tomorrow. So I'm celebrating by posting a couple different photos of him (one of which I think is from a few years ago.) Enjoy! :)


TaraLeigh said...

We both had a productive day! And look at you all Polly Positive again. TWO DAYS IN A ROW?!

You didn't start a script or something did you? *snort* hehe


Glad you got so much work done and the light at the end of the tunnel is a VERY big deal!

TRILOGY! Yay! I'm so excited to see where you go with Gabe. We MUST talk about these 'new grounds' on Friday.

Christina Phillips said...

OMG. 31! LOL. That top picture is just too hot... phew... I need to turn the air con on again!!!

April Vine said...

Cari, your positive enthusiasm is so catching!!!!
And then you couple it with Henri and it makes me feel even more motivated.

Helen Hardt said...

Ditto what April said ;).

And Henri, though pretty as a young boy, has so improved with age. That top photo? Let's just say I agree with Christina.

Kaye Manro said...

Good ole Henri turning 31? He's so cute, or let's just call it right-- sexy!

Renee Knowles said...

Hi Cari! I wanted to pop over and see how your progress has been. Congrats on moving along!

And, whoa! Hot photos.

I have not had a minute to write lately. Hoping that all changes soon :)