Thursday 2/5 Progress

None of the writing variety, but...I started the arduous task of organizing my email folders. Only 673 emails left to label, sort, respond to or delete. I actually sorted/deleted about 60 tonight, so that is real progress. (I can hear Tara laughing.)

Tomorrow's Friday...yay! Anyone got exciting plans for the weekend? I've got a CNYRW meeting and lots of writing/editing on my agenda. Oh, and sleeping in. ;)


SoulGirl said...

LMAO... Oh man... I need to make this MY goal. You use GMAIL right? I got so complacent when I switched to Gmail, I now have 2000 emails in my inbox. LOL... Go me. Gah.

Yeah, Tara can laugh at me too as one day I'm gonna need to do exactly just that.

Public holiday here in NZ today so that was a bonus, its Waitangi Day. LOL.

Helen Hardt said...

I can't even think about organizing my email. EEEK! Good luck!


Kaye Manro said...

I agree with Helen-- eek! I don't think I could orgainize the thing if I had to! But kudos to you for doing it. Have a great weekend. I'll be working on one of my ever present medievals. Oh well.