Saturday 1.24 Progress

My last bonus goal for the week was to "start roughing out VT's synopsis." I have the first and last paragraph, and one in between. Does that count, Goal Goddess Tara? I won't update the sidebar until I get your official opinion. ;)

But I also wrote 5 pages of Damned, my UF (Gabriel's story.) This one I will need to plot, unfortunately. I will also have to do it soon.

And...I wrote 1 line of VT. 1. Yes, this is a major accomplishment.

Tomorrow, I intend to do some brainstorming for next week's goals, along with more work on VT. That partial needs to be outta here sooner rather than later!

Thanks for all the encouragement this first week. I'm pretty happy I've even gotten this far. :)


TaraLeigh said...

Well---I guess it counts, hussy!

I'll see you at 8pm.
I guess it's going to be an actual working chat this week! LOL I have outline stuff to talk to you about too! VERY exciting.

Soo...when's our break off for the goals? Sat or our Chat? Hmm?

Cari Quinn said...

Yay, I'm verrrry excited to hear about your SIN outline! Yep, we'll be working this week. But still, one can never share too many Henri YT's. Tresca, got any new ones? LOL

I'd say cutoff is chat on Sunday. Every little extra bit of time helps. See ya then! :)

TaraLeigh said...

Excelleent! I work best under pressure as you well know.

Tresca on the hunt? Man--don't give her any incentive! LOL She lives to kill us!

SoulGirl said...

Ohhh nice!! Going good girls, LOL....

and yes Tara's outline is AWESOME. You will love it ;) She needs to write that now. Make her start SIN now, LOL.

Hmmm Henri eh? I'll see what I can do for you ladies since its been a full on week. I'll pass anything on I can find, LOL


Christina Phillips said...

GMTA... my current hero is also called Gabriel!!!

Cari Quinn said...

Christina, Gabriel's just a yummy name for a guy, isn't it? :)