Tuesday 1.27 Progress

Today I wrote another 4 pages of VT, bringing me up to 7.5 for the week. Getting closer to goal! I also did a little reading for pleasure last night – a book on improving your finances, but hey, I never said it had to be romance, LOL – and stayed off the internet all day today. Although I do admit to checking the weather forecast at work today, because we’re in the path of another ginormous snowstorm. But I don’t count that as part of my internet time, because reading that we might get another 10 inches is NOT pleasurable in my book. ;)

Okay, time to jet yet again. Later in the week, I’ll be posting six things that make me happy and tagging six others to do the same if they’d like to. That will have to wait until Friday, probably.

In the meantime, I’ll be digging out of the forty foot snowbanks. Wish me luck!


Kaye Manro said...

You did good, Cari. And I'm with you on the weather-- I live in the NE too! Keep up the good goals.

SoulGirl said...

Holy! Well done, you're doing very well! :)

Keep warm and buckle under with that snow storm!