Friday 1.23 Progress

Today I accomplished...nothing, writing-related, anyway. ;) But I saw Underworld: The Rise of The Lycans, which got my mind whirling! Even though I haven't seen the first two, I really enjoyed it (and promptly went out to buy the first two movies.) I've never been into werewolves, but this movie hooked me from start to finish. Of course, then I went to JCPenney and got a story idea that I'd love to pursue. So is the life of a writer. :)

Tomorrow, I will do my VT synopsis, and that'll finish my goals for the week. Till then, I'm heading to bed with the latest Kresley Cole novel. Good stuff!


TaraLeigh said...

LOL I think you're entitled to a night off. LOL Especially if you were still THINKING writing. LOL

And that movie looks fun. I saw the other two movies. *sigh* Michael. LOL That new one is a PREquel, I believe. you went to JCPenny's and got an idea?! This I gotta hear.


SoulGirl said...

Ohh new ideas are always good -- don't you always find you get them when you always have a boat load of work on at that present moment and all you can do is think about starting the new one, LOL.

Glad you had a night of fun ;) You're doing so well!