Monday 1.26 Progress

Through much persistence, I wrote three and a half pgs of VT tonight. I also drafted a mini-outline that should, hopefully, give me a blueprint right up to the final scenes. But the big story of the day is that I stayed off the internet UNTIL I finished my pages.

Which means I haven’t been online for nearly twenty-four hours.

This hasn’t happened since…uh, ‘95? Not sure, but it’s been a long time. And I only have to do it three more times this week to make that part of my goal. Whoa.

Time's up! ;)

I think I can, I think I can…


TaraLeigh said...

Way to go!
I know Monday's ROT so way to go!

You can get thru this FINAL draft of VT, I know you can.

I'm SO impressed that you actually stayed off line. You are truly a wonder, darlin'.

Helen Hardt said...

That internet's a killer. Good for you for keeping it off! If only I could do that, I'd get so much more done, LOL.