Monday 1/19 Progress

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

No, not really. I've actually met - and exceeded! - the first half of this week's regular goals. I've revised five and a half chapters of VT so far, and my goal was three. That somewhat makes up for the contest entries I haven't judged yet, although I'd wanted to have them done by today. I'll be doing them tomorrow, which is okay. I won't be late, though I will be skating in just under the wire.

Nothing new for me. ;)

Back tomorrow, hopefully with more goals accomplished. Some sleep would be nice, too. To that end, more pleasant dreams...


TaraLeigh said...

Oh man--does that mean we're going to get daily posts of Henri to go with our progress?

Man, that's not going to be a hardship! LOL

Way to go!! 5 chapters! You go girl!

SoulGirl said...

I was so about to ask the same thing about the Henri - pics! LOL... Jesus.

Well done! Five is awesome, keep up the good work.

Cari Quinn said...

Thanks, ladies! Having to post each day pushes me to keep going. Someone was reallllyyy smart to come up with that idea. ;)

Henri inspires me, too, so I figured I'd post a few choice pics. But you know what that means. One of these days I'll run out of them and I'll come crying to you two to find me more. :)

Christina Phillips said...

LOL omg. Well Henri sure inspires me!!! hahaha. oh dear. That man is so fine I'm sure it's illegal!!!