Finally, it's Friday

Thanks so much for the well wishes for my cat, Lucy. She passed on last night, but she had a good long life, so that's some comfort. I'm squeezing my other fur baby, Fozzie, a little tighter today.

Writing has been non-existent, but I have lots on the slate for the weekend. I don't seem to know how to take time off, but I'm going to try to take a couple hours just to sink into a book...since that is one of my weekly goals, after all. ;)

In snow news...we might get another 4-6 inches overnight, and there's a Nor'easter headed this way next week. As of January 9th, we'd had 110 inches for the season. I'm sure we've had another foot or two since then.

And I don't even ski! Maybe I should start.

To cheer myself up, here's another Henri oldie but goodie...


TaraLeigh said...

Oh honey...I'm soooo sorry.
Nothing's worse than losing a pet. It's just like losing a family member.

Don't beat yourself up on the writing thing. Just let things come. If you do work--you do. If you don't. Well, it's SO understandable.


Oh and I love you--but PLEASE keep the freakin' SNOW. I'm DONE.

That number is just...UGH. 110 inches. Screw that! Uh--well, not literally. OWIE.

SoulGirl said...

Aww Cari, I'm so sorry. I know what it's like and like Tara said it is like losing family esp when they've kept you good company for so long.

Def take time out and relax woman, it's an order you have been kicking ass of late so you have some downtime now. k?

And give second fur baby a big hug from me.

P.S. Hi Hennnnnnri ;)

Helen Hardt said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Be thankful for her long life. Our pets just don't live long enough. But that gives us the chance to love more animals during our lives. Probably little comfort right now, but when you fall for a new furry friend, it will help. I'm thinking about you.


Tonya Renee Callihan said...

I am soo sorry to hear about your cat as well. It's always hard to lose an animal, they become like children to me.