Wednesday 1.28 Progress

Had an extra long day at work - went in at 5:30AM - so my only writing progress today was to polish up yesterday's pages so I'm ready to jump back in tomorrow. Plus, I stayed off the internet. It's actually getting easier, shocking as it is for me to say. ;)

Snow's still piling up outside, and I'm off to watch my boys (SU men's basketball.) Here's a Henri repeat I can never see enough of...


Helen Hardt said...

That picture of Henri is so hot!

Oh yeah...good luck with your goals, LOL.

Seriously, you're doing great. And keep warm!


TaraLeigh said...

I totally feel you on the exhaustion and the killer day. We got f'd royally with snow too.
Ugh. LOL

Glad you got something looked at--at the very least. Enjoy the game!!

You're still doing GREAT

Christina Phillips said...

Even at a distance, Henri's eyes are just totally mesmeric!!!

SoulGirl said...

Gah - hard to imagine you guys all buried hip deep in snow when it's summer here!

Keep on going, you're doing swimmingly well. :)

Kaye Manro said...

Hottie Henri, (oh, boy)
And Yes, it's really bad weather here too.
Good call to limit internet time.