Thursday 1.22 progress...and a great book!

I finally critiqued the chapters I owed one of my CPs tonight, so I met one of my Bonus Goals for the week. Just one left - my synopsis for VT - but I left the icky one for last. While I kinda like doing query letters, I'm not a fan of synopsises. But it's only 2 pages, so I'll get it done. Then I'll probably collapse, although I'm hoping to see the third Underworld movie this weekend before I do so. ;)

Instead of a picture of Henri (sorry!) I'm featuring my friend and CNYRW chaptermate's debut release from The Wild Rose Press. Meltdown by Susan St. Thomas is going on my must read list, and it comes out tomorrow, 1.23!

If you need something to warm up your chilly winter nights (and we sure do here) be sure to pick up a copy!

Want to know more about Meltdown? Here's the blurb:

Reliving the magical night before his deployment when he and Cassie Hamilton were lovers had kept Evan Jorgenson sane while fighting in Iraq. Years later, when they meet again at a Lake Placid bar, he's immediately drawn to her. He's still seeing the ghosts of his soldiers and hearing the enemy approach. She deserves more than a shell-shocked soldier, but Cassie's in danger. Before long, he's protecting her from a stalker, dodging bullets, and jeopardizing not only his job as a NYS police officer, but a dream promotion. And he's more in love with her than ever. If only she'd trust him and talk about what happened in L.A....

After a year with no calls or letters from Evan, a disheartened Cassie moved to L.A. There she met a dangerous man, and more than dreams were lost. Now back home, she opens a chocolate shop to rebuild her life, but her troubles in L.A. have followed her to Central NY. And there's only one man that can help her out of this mess. But Cassie has a secret bigger than nibbling Hershey's chocolate kisses while she works.

When Evan discovers her real secret, will he put aside his pride and follow his heart, or will he leave her again?

Please visit the site of Susan St. Thomas and stop by
the The Wild Rose Press Friday to get your own e-copy of Meltdown. :)


TaraLeigh said...

Well look at you all on fire!
And quick to update that sidebar with your bonus points, hussy.

Good job!

Cari Quinn said...

LOL...I almost forgot to update the sidebar, too. :P

SoulGirl said...

Well done! LMAO--- nice sidebar ;) hehehe. You are killing it woman!

And thanks for the book info -- looks great actually, I added it to my list.


Helen Hardt said...

Great progress! And great for me, as well, because I got my critique, LOL.

Congratulations to Susan on the release today! And what a sexy cover...


Susan St. Thomas said...

Hey, Thanks, girlfriend. I'm humbled by all your help! {CYBERHUGS}